February 14, 2020 - celebration at Daxx

How Daxx celebrated February 14, 2020

February 14 at Daxx was all about expressing gratitude and saying kind words to each other. Let’s have a look behind the scenes of our celebration.  February 14 was the…

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7 - speaker

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7 – Recordings

If you’ve missed Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7 for some reason, don’t get upset. You can find video from the event below. Enjoy and join us next time!  On January 24th, Daxx traditionally supported Angular Kharkiv…


Cybersecurity Hackathon at Daxx Kyiv

Hackathon is a place where bright ideas collide to create the next big thing. Daxxers from Kyiv recently showed their best in a 2-day software programming competition organized by Exabeam….


Daxx Became an Info Partner of KharkivCSS 2020

KharkivCSS is one of the largest IT conferences in Ukraine. On March 28, it will bring together more than 500 Frontend/Backend Developers and Designers from all over the country. The…

New Year 2020 at Daxx

New Year 2020 at Daxx

New Year is the time for miracles. It’s time for new hopes and dreams. Do you wish to know how Daxxers celebrated this miraculous holiday season? Keep on reading to…