10 Tips to Work from Home and Stay Productive

During quarantine, work from home is a necessity rather than a free will. You’re supposed to stay indoors and still deliver your work as timely and efficiently as before. How to master this art? It’s not that hard. We prepared a list of tried-and-tested tips for you! 

Let’s look at the current situation with a sober mind. When you work from home, you don’t have to spend a few extra hours commuting to the office. You are more flexible now and can plan your day accordingly. Follow our remote working hints below.

1. Take a shower and get changed. 

It may sound obvious but it makes a difference. You need to feel refreshed and energized to get ready for a new workday. This will add a dozen extra points to your productivity.  

2. Organize your working area.

Working from bed is literally a bad idea. It makes you feel sleepy and sluggish (even if you slept 8 hours!). Set up a place that is quiet and free from distractions, and where you feel focused and comfortable at the same time. 

3. Make sure you have access to all required docs/tools. 

Fully prepare your laptop for remote work. Save all logins and passwords to a separate spreadsheet so you could always have them at hand. Check if you have access to all tools and services. If not, ask a System Administrator to help you out. 

4. Become a planning pro. 

Work from home is all about planning. Make a clear work schedule for each day. What are your daily/weekly goals? What’s their priority? What results are you supposed to achieve? Stick to your objectives and keep your direct manager updated with your performance. Proactivity and good time-management skills are key here. 

5. Stay connected with your team throughout a day. 

Be in touch with your team via Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or any other channel you agreed to use. You can plan, manage tasks, and collaborate almost the way you did it offline. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection that won’t let you down at the most critical moment.   

6. Sync up with your team through video calls. 

Set up video calls or video conferences. It’s a good way to combat social isolation and it allows you to engage with your team in the best possible way. Please pay attention to the way you look. Although you are working from home, you must be dressed properly.

7. Take breaks

Don’t forget about work-life balance. You can’t be immersed in your work all day long. Instead, take some time for your hobby or a side project for anything that puts a smile on your face.

8. Exercise. 

Going to the gym is not an option but don’t get upset. Doing sports at home would be a good alternative. Have you ever tried yoga? It can help you relax your mind and body, and you can easily practice it indoors. 

9. Eat healthy. 

If you eat healthy, you feel healthy. Pay attention to what you feed your body with. Eating junk food leads to a lack of energy and exhaustion. Enrich your meals with fruits and vegetables, keep them regular, and be inventive with recipes. 

10. Try out something new. 

Stretch yourself not only physically but also mentally. Broaden your interests and explore lots of unique historic and cultural archives available online. 

We hope that the tips above will help you become a powerful remote worker and make the transition smooth and efficient. 

Stay calm. Stay healthy. Stay indoors. 

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