Angular Kharkiv Meetup #10 | Online – Recordings

On April 29, we held a jubilee Angular Kharkiv Meetup #10, featuring the renowned Angular lady speakers: Katerina Skroumpelou, Maria Korneeva, and Bonnie Brennan. Please find the recordings of their speeches below.

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #10 | Online was devoted to #womenintech. Katerina Skroumpelou, Maria Korneeva, and Bonnie Brennan were talking on different aspects of Angular and not only. Traditionally, Daxx supported the meetup as a partner and was happy to please the audience with some gifts.

KATERINA SKROUMPELOU — “Nx for Angular CLI users”

You’ve probably heard of Nx from Nrwl. It’s a toolkit based on top of Angular CLI, and it’s great for developing monorepos. But there’s so much more to Nx than just monorepos. Why should you use Nx in the first place? In this talk, Katerina Skroumpelou was talking about everything Nx does to help you develop any Angular application better and faster. You’ll get to know about the modern tools Nx offers support to, and much more.

MARIA KORNEEVA — “Catch me, if you can! — HTTP error handling in Angular”

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” In her presentation, Maria Korneeva focused on HTTP errors and the way to handle them. She presented different error types (external, business-side and internal), corresponding error handling options, and useful RxJs operators. If you want your web application to stand out, you need to take care of user experience, security, tracking and optimization. Find many more insightful hints in Maria’s presentation.

BONNIE BRENNAN — “Angular Nation — You Can Sit with Us!”

Haven’t you heard of the Angular Nation before? In this talk, Bonnie Brennan gives a great intro to what the community is doing, their recent events and what they’ve got coming up next. Straying off the subject, there’s another question: why social media could be harmful and why should you watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix if you haven’t done it yet? Don’t be surprised. Bonnie will give you all the answers. Watch her talk below!

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #10 | Online has ended on a strong positive note. Stanislav Voitov became a lucky winner of the giveaway from Daxx and won Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones. Congratulations!

We’re grateful to everyone who joined the meetup. There were many thought-provoking questions, so we hope that the webinar was useful.

See you at the next meetup from Angular Kharkiv community. Stay tuned!

Before you go, watch the recordings from Angular Kharkiv Meetup #9 | Online Edition here.

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