Angular Kharkiv Meetup #11 | Online – Recordings

On December 2, Angular Kharkiv Meetup #11 | Online brought together such Angular experts as Stepan Suvorov, Alex Okrushko, Dmytro Mezhenskyi, and Dmitriy Shekhovtsov. In case you’ve missed it, we prepared the videos for you. Enjoy!

STEPAN SUVOROV — “Pre-rendering and Cookies”

How to work with cookies in Angular? In this talk, Stepan gave answers to this and other questions. First off, the speaker recommended using one of the existing libraries like ngx-cookie-service. This way, you’ll be working with a service that processes cookies for you. Watch the full presentation to learn about the next steps!

ALEX OKRUSHKO “How to Love Writing Unit Tests Again?”

Have you ever written unit tests? What is your attitude towards them? In this presentation, Alex proved once again that tests are useful and can help you a lot. But they work under one condition — if they are written the right way. Good testing should be correct, clear, concise, and complete. Watch the video to explore unit tests in detail!

DMYTRO MEZHENSKYI — “Angular DI — Essentials You Have to Know”

Dependency injection is a design pattern that implements “Inversion of Control (IoC)” and “Dependency Inversion (DIP)” design principles. In the first part of the speech, Dmytro gave a general understanding of dependency injection in Angular. In the second part, the speaker explored its specific features and what advantages they can give you. Learn more!


In a nutshell, Module Federation is a Webpack build plugin. In this talk, Dmitriy Shekhovtsov shared his hands-on experience and explained how to use Module Federation in simple terms. You’ll learn about the untapped potential of Module Federation and what kind of issues you can solve with it. Listen to the talk to find out more!

Thanks to everyone who joined the Angular Kharkiv Meetup #11 | Online and took an active part in discussions. It was a pleasure to connect with all of you!

Congratulations to Oleksandr Miasoiedov who became the lucky winner of the giveaway and won Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones. 

The next Angular Kharkiv meetup is coming soon. Don’t miss out!

Watch the recordings from Angular Kharkiv Meetup #10 | Online here.

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