Angular Kharkiv Meetup #5 – Video

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #5 took place on August 28. It was devoted specifically to JavaScript and Angular. If you didn’t have a chance to attend it – no worries. Below you can find recordings of speakers’ presentations. Enjoy! 

It’s already become a good tradition for Daxx to support Angular Kharkiv meetups designed for people passionate about Angular and everything related to it. Angular Kharkiv Meetup #5 was no exception. It gathered the outstanding experts within the field: Nick Lototskiy, Ievgenii Krasnikov, Vitalii Makogon, and Yaroslav Zhbankov. They gave in-depth presentations full of practical use cases. 

Now let’s watch videos of speakers’ presentations. 

Nick Lototskiy – “Recalling MVC, or Component as a Garbage Pit. What Am I Doing Wrong?”  

Nick is the author of more than 10 courses on JS, Node.js, Angular, etc. He has been working for more than 15 years in IT and has gone through all career stages: from the tester to the tech expert. 

Ievgenii Krasnikov – “Protractor VS Cypress, or Front-end e2e Testing 2019” 

Ievgenii is a JavaScript Developer with 3+ years of experience in programming. He works as a Team Lead at Studytube NL. 

Vitalii Makogon – “Migration to IVY. Angular Component Libraries with IVY Support” 

Vitalii is a JavaScript Developer at Valor Software. He is one of the chief leaders at ngx-bootstrap (open-source) and is part of the main team of the project. 

Yaroslav Zhbankov – “Introduction to NestJs”

Yaroslav is a D.Sc., Full-Stack JavaScript Developer at Redpoint Positioning Corp. (Kharkiv). He is interested in front-end and back-end architecture, high-loaded systems, real-time applications, and work with large data volumes. 

Be sure to attend the next Angular Kharkiv meetups if you’re somewhere nearby.

Meanwhile, you can see the full photo report from the Angular Kharkiv Meetup #5 here

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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