Angular Kharkiv Meetup #6 (NgTalks edition) – Recordings

We are happy to be a long-term partner of Angular Kharkiv community. That being said, it’s a pleasure for us to realize that they expand their borders and attract renowned foreign speakers to their meetups. Angular Kharkiv Meetup #6 was no exception!

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #6 was held on November 7th. It was truly special as it brought top-notch Angular speakers from abroad. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to them live, you can find the recordings of their presentations below. Enjoy the watching!

CTO, a seasoned programmer with a focus on Angular and JavaScript

Topic: “Angular Security Culture”

A short summary 

Stepan made an insightful introduction speech, in which he shed light on the most common modern vulnerabilities in web (XSS, CSRF, MITM, Broken Authentication, Broken Dependencies). Also, he offered the best practices on how to deal with these issues on your project. 

Web R&D Manager

Topic: “The Flexible Way to Adopt UX/UI in Angular App According to User’s Permissions”

A short summary 

In this speech, Daniel was talking about authentication processes in the projects. What happens after the user made the login? How to define what they can see and what not? What buttons they have the rights to click on, what to change, create and delete? How to solve these issues in a web application? You’ll find all the answers in the video below. 

Software Engineer at Google

Topic: “Magical TypeScript features and how they help projects like NgRx”

A short summary

During this talk, Alex explored the ins and outs of TypeScript: its nature, usage, and the opportunities it provides. Also, he paid attention to the basics of generics, type union, and intersection. He talked more about the new ‘unknown’ type, build up to conditional types and how type inference can be used in them. Plus, Alex discussed the idea of callable objects and how to restrict specific property names in objects. 

As a bonus, there is an aftermovie for you so you can feel the vibes of that day. Enjoy!

Please find the photo report here.

Join the Angular Kharkiv community and make sure to come to their next meetup. 

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Watch video from Angular Kharkiv Meetup here.

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