Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7 – Recordings

If you’ve missed Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7 for some reason, don’t get upset. You can find video from the event below. Enjoy and join us next time! 

On January 24th, Daxx traditionally supported Angular Kharkiv Meetup #7. It brought together lots of bright minds from Angular world. A keynote speaker – Dmitryi Khirnyi – prepared a thought-provoking presentation for attendees and shed lights on the most debatable points during the Q&A session. Let’s consider it in detail.

WebUI TechLead at SoftServe, a big Angular lover

Topic: “Custom Decorators in Real Life”

A short summary

Dmytryi offered a fresh and deep perspective on decorators and the way we use it. Just think for a moment – we use custom decorators every day, but they are already written. What if we could write our own decorators for ourselves? Let’s try and see what we’ll get.

Watch the video below to learn more about the subject.

All attendees also had a chance to listen to the legendary Sander Elias who joined the meetup as an online speaker. He enjoys building and playing with Angular, IoT, and recently became a Google GDE. Sander presented a speech “Scully: The Static Site Generator for Angular”.

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This time, the atmosphere was especially warm. Participants enjoyed networking, treated themselves with pizza and other snacks, and tested their luck in the lottery. Congrats to the lucky winners!

Want to see photos from the event? Check them out here.

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Many thanks to all attendees and speakers for making this event happen. It was a huge pleasure to explore these exciting Angular-related topics together. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Angular Kharkiv meetup!

Before you go, watch the recordings from Angular Kharkiv Meetup #6 here.

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