Angular Kharkiv Meetup #8 | Online Edition – Recordings

On August 11, we held Angular Kharkiv Meetup #8 | Online Edition. The prominent speakers from Google and Plex.Earth shared their broad expertise in Angular domain — Minko Gechev, Aristeidis Bampakos, and Alex Okrushko. If you didn’t make it to join our meetup — no worries. Find all the recordings down below!

Angular Kharkiv Meetup #8 | Online was an international event. It gathered not only foreign speakers, but also Angular and JS fans from Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. The invited makers and shakers from the Angular world dived deep into their trendy topics and answered questions during lively Q&A sessions.

MINKO GECHEV — “Internals of the Angular CLI”

Minko Gechev is a developer from the Angular core team and an experienced speaker. He works as an Angular Engineer at Google. In his talk, Minko looked under the hood of the Angular CLI. He started with scaffolding and went all the way to production build-time optimizations. Firstly, he considered the in-memory transforms that we perform over the file structure of an Angular project. Secondly, he focused on the extensibility points of the CLI, which allow programmers to develop custom commands or extend the existing build process. Thirdly, he discussed ahead-of-time compilation, bundling, build optimization and dead-code-elimination that helps shrink the bundle sizes of Angular apps.

ARISTEIDIS BAMPAKOS — “Angular and Electron – More Than Just a Desktop App” 

Aristeidis is an experienced Front-End Web Developer at Plex.Earth, a co-organizer of Athens Angular, and a contributor to the Angular documentation. During his speech at Angular Kharkiv Meetup #8 | Online, he explained how Plex.Earth uses Angular and Electron to build Map Explorer — a map editing tool. Electron is a cross-platform Javascript framework for building desktop apps. When combined with a powerful framework such as Angular, it can produce high quality and performance applications. Aristeidis showed how to apply similar techniques to integrate ngx-wig, a popular Angular library, with Electron and make WYSIWYG editor. Finally, he showcased how to leverage the Angular DI mechanism to maintain two different flavors of our app, web, and desktop.

ALEX OKRUSHKO — “Local State Management with @ngrx/component-store” 

Alex Okrushko is a Software Engineer at Google (Canada), working on Firebase Console. He is also a core member of NgRx team and a passionate maintainer of this library at Google. During his presentation, Alex gave an introduction to the latest addition to NgRx family of libraries — @ngrx/component-store — a standalone library for managing local/component state, which intends to be a replacement of “services with a Subject”. Synchronizing state within the app and backends is one of the most complicated parts of writing web applications. There are a number of solutions for global/app-wide state management; however, a more localized state was left behind. He explained what “state” is, went over some APIs of ComponentStore, and showcased some of the “best practices”.

A big thank you to everyone who joined Angular Kharkiv Meetup #8 | Online. We hope you found it interesting and useful. Looking forward to seeing you at our next meetups!

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