Business Trip to Italy – Interview with Serhii Shepel and Serhii Bzdel

As you know, Daxxers work in distributed teams. They have business trips abroad every now and then as they are fully-integrated members of the clients’ teams. Read the story about one of the latest business trips to Italy below. 

On December 1–6, Daxxers from Lviv visited our client AgileLab in Turin, Italy. They got invited to the client’s office to meet in person, discuss work stuff on-site, and spend leisure time together. Our teammates Serhii Shepel and Serhii Bzdel shared with us their fresh memories of this exciting trip. 

Serhii Bzdel and Serhii Shepel in Turin

1. What is your job and how long have you been working at Daxx? 

Serhii B. Big Data Developer, 8 months. 

Serhii Sh. Big Data Developer, 8 months.

2. What do you do on the project? 

Serhii B. We develop an information processing system from many providers in the insurance domain. The most exciting thing about it is that we work with Big Data every day. Another big plus is a team. My colleagues are true experts. There’s a lot to learn from them. 

3. You work in the international team. Do you face any difficulties in communication? 

Serhii Sh. There are two developers in Lviv (Serhii and I), the rest of the team are based in Italy. Each of us has a good command of English so communication goes smoothly. 

4. Tell us more about your business trip. How did you meet with the client? What interesting facts can you remember? 

Serhii B. We met with the client the next day we arrived in Turin. They welcomed us warmly and quickly arranged our work stations. We came a week and a half before an important demo and we had lots of work to do. It was a great experience, though. Teamwork can do wonders! 

As to some interesting facts… I was surprised by the way locals treat lunch. You know how it usually happens for us. You quickly grab your lunch at the nearest cafe and it takes you 20 min overall. In Italy, it’s totally different. It’s like a ritual. They have a full meal itself, then the water, coffee, and dessert. This usually takes at least one hour and a half. 

Serhii Sh. We had a tough workload in those days. One day we were working so late that we found out that the front door of the business center was closed. Eventually, we had no other option than to look for other ways to get out 😄

AgileLab team in Turin office

5. Did you visit Italy before? What did you like most? 

Serhii B. I haven’t been to Italy before. Turin is surrounded by mountains, and they are fabulous. You can enjoy gorgeous views of the snow-capped Alps from anywhere in the city. Literally. I could see them even from my seat in the office and – I have to confess – they distracted me from work sometimes 🙂 Local buildings look stunning. You can pass almost the whole city through their endless arches without an umbrella in the rain – and you won’t get wet. It was beyond my imagination! Sadly, we weren’t able to visit all the sightseeings we planned due to the busy work schedule. 

Serhii Sh. No, I didn’t. The local roads, infrastructure, and service are very different from what we have in Ukraine. Also, Turin can boast of great architecture, and the Alps leave you breathless! 


6. What is a dream country on your bucket list of destinations? 

Serhii B. I wish to visit as many countries as possible but I’d like to start with the US. 

Serhii Sh. The USA. 

7. What is your favorite book of all time? 

Serhii B. To be honest, I don’t read that much – but I badly want to improve it. Technical literature is in my focus now so I can’t name one book that stole my heart. 

Serhii Sh. It’s hard to pick one. I can read something from the classics like ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to ‘The Shadows of Our Dates’ by Ivan Baidak. I’ve been reading mostly technical and management books. 

Guys, thank you for sharing your great experience with us.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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