Helping Is Easy – Charity Month at Daxx

Helping is easy – with this phrase in mind we started a month of charity in our offices.

During a month in our offices, we were gathering money and things to help shelters for homeless animals. Everyone could donate any amount, buy a cute postcard, sticker or a cup at our charity fair, bring any things that can help shelters.


We’ve decided to help Sirius – a shelter, which hosts over 2500 homeless animals, who are waiting to find a new home and become a part of a new family.

We collected all the donations and bought 500 kg of food for shelter inhabitants and went to visit them. Sirius needs help with food, wood, and warm things to prepare animals for the winter period, as well volunteers are welcomed to help workers with the routine jobs in the shelter as feeding animals. All the furries were very friendly and happy when we came, we were able to play with them, and we’re happy we could help them. We hope all of the animals will find their new families, they for sure will bring so much happiness to new owners!


Daxx Kharkiv team was helping “Добрый дом” at the Feldman Ecopark. We’ve gathered all the things and money and went to “Добрый дом”. Although many of our guys were afraid that it would be a pity for animals, smiles were on our faces during the whole day. Animals live in good conditions and it is clear that they are really loved in the shelter and workers take care of them. We’ve got so much amazing emotions from the furry shelter inhabitants, cats and dogs were very friendly and we were happy to be able to help them. We will be supporting “Добрый дом” in future as well.

Now we are sure and have experienced, that it takes only a small step to help someone who needs it. As simple action as refusing a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and donating it’s price to a shelter can make the difference.

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