Children’s Day 2020 at Daxx

On June 1st, we celebrated one of the most heartwarming holidays Children’s Day. This year’s celebration went online as we continue to work from home. We prepared pleasant gifts for little Daxxers to make this day memorable and vibrant. Grab more details down below.

Joyful kids — a joyful world! At Daxx, we used to celebrate Children’s Day with lots of fun offline activities and different kinds of entertainment. Magicians, fairies, and elves — they created an unforgettable festive atmosphere for kids. See how it all went last year here.

At times of the quarantine, positive emotions and feelings are especially important. With that in mind, we decided to prepare a special gift for little Daxxers — books. On that day, each parent got an electronic certificate to “The Old Lion Publishing House”. It’s one the best-known and oldest publishing houses in Ukraine famous for its wide choice of the books offered. This certificate allows buying a book online/offline for a kid, which would be the best choice for them — depending on their age and taste. Reading is fun!

Children's Day 2020 - Books for kids
Books for kids from “The Old Lion Publishing House”.

Although digital technology is ramping up, we believe that a book will never lose its value. It boosts fantasy, develops imagination, and enriches with new knowledge. Children visualize everything they read. They have very enquiring minds. What? When? Why? They keep asking parents these questions every single day. Books open up a new world and give answers to all questions. Also, it’s important to read bedtime stories to toddlers. This helps establish a strong bond between the parents and the kids.

This year’s Children’s Day was peaceful and calm. But it seems that it’s exactly what we each of us need during these turbulent times.

We wish each and every kid to have a happy childhood full of lots of bright emotions and dreams. Your smiles warm up this world!

Children's Day - reading
Reading is fun!

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