Children’s Day 2021 at Daxx

On June 1st, we traditionally congratulate little Daxxers on International Children’s Day. It’s always a joy for us to make this day special and memorable for them. Children’s Day 2021 was no exception!

Summer has always been a sunny season at Daxx. June started with a bright celebration for little Daxxers either at Daxx locations or outside. It was priceless to see their smiling faces, positive emotions, and sparkles in the eyes.

In 2021, little Daxxers celebrated this holiday in a close family circle. However, we didn’t forget about them and prepared some gifts.

It’s no secret that kids love games. With that in mind, we decided to please each of them with a board game. On June 1, all parents at Daxx received a gift certificate from an online shop offering various games for kids. As a result, each child could pick a game they like most. We hope they would be happy with their choice, and their smile would be the best reward.


Apart from that, we’ve launched a kids’ drawing exhibition across all Daxx offices. Children are creative souls with limitless imagination, so we asked their parents to share the paintings of little Daxxers with us. The topic was “I paint the world”, which gave a full outlet for their creativity. Eventually, all artworks will find a precious space at Daxx offices.

Little Daxxers of different ages shared their paintings. It’s our pleasure to share some of them with you!

Children's Day 2021 at Daxx - Drawing exhibition
Paintings by little Daxxers

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all the little Daxxers and their parents for participating in this initiative. Kids are future techies, artists, scientists, and whoever they want to be. But above all, they should be happy. And that’s our biggest wish for them!

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