Chinese New Year 2021 at Daxx

Instead of the traditional celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, we decided to organize something unusual but no less memorable this year. On Friday, February 12, we celebrated Chinese New Year 2021 across our offices at Daxx. Catch the details!

Chinese New Year is a big holiday that marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season. No wonder it’s also known as Spring Festival. Ironically, this year’s winter was colder than ever!

The festive day started with greetings and a bunch of online activities. Daxxers love brain-teasers. With that in mind, we prepared a couple of logic puzzles for them. They were all about Chinese culture and its key concepts. As they took quite a bit of attention and patience, our teammates had enough time to solve them out.

Fortune cookie

Meanwhile, an interactive quiz with the most popular facts about China was waiting for Daxx followers on Instagram: @daxx_developers. What are the lucky and unlucky numbers in China? What are the traditional dishes for the Chinese New Year and birthdays? The participants had to choose the right answer for these and other questions. Surprisingly, almost all of them knew that ‘4’ is considered a very unlucky number in China as it sounds almost similar to the word for the ‘death’.

Also, everyone could try the Daxx IG mask “Fortune cookie”, which offered a custom prediction for 2021: Follow what you love; Celebrate your small wins; Take that big step and others. Our followers were so curious to find out!

At the end of the day, we summed up the results. As a lot of our teammates succeeded in solving puzzles, we picked the three lucky winners with Here they are: Liubov Vasianovych, Yaroslav Bershadskyi, and Kateryna Basaman. Each of them received a gift: a home delivery of Asian cuisine, Chinese sweets, and a tasty Chinese tea respectively. Plus, we prepared a set of sweet fortune cookies for all our teammates who tested their mettle and tried to solve puzzles.

Chinese New Year 2021 - Gifts for Daxxers
Chinese tasty gifts for the lucky winners.

Thank you to our teammates for sharing the festive atmosphere, their active involvement and bright emotions!

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