Daxx Became an Info Partner of AI Ukraine

AI Ukraine – one of the most technical conferences on the practical application of AI and Data Science in Ukraine.
If you want to develop as an expert in this field or find out how technologies work, speeding up our future, you just need to take part in it!

Who are the speakers this year?
Speakers are scientists, researchers, and engineers from world famous universities and companies: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Tartu, Facebook AI Research, Booking.com, H2O.ai, Skyscanner, Grammarly, DataRobot, etc.

What are the speeches about?
✔Virtual reality: modern trends and applications
✔ Deep Learning: recent achievements in information retrieval, object recognition and speech perception
✔Linguistics in NLP: why is it so difficult?
✔Chatbots: advantages and disadvantages of models, frameworks and approaches for their development
✔Machine learning in practice: ML models and applications for bioinformatics, e-commerce, real estate market, air travel and travel, etc.
✔ How to combine the power of AI and IoT to build a successful business

What will we talk about in panel discussions:

✔Data Science education in Ukraine and in the world
✔How to create products and develop business on ML
✔ Risks and dangers ML

What will you learn from the workshops:
✔CNN settings: tips and tricks
✔Capsule Networks Introduction
✔Sparkling Water framework in practice
✔ Constructing object detectors from scratch

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Collect your AI team! See you!

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