Cybersecurity Hackathon at Daxx Kyiv

Hackathon is a place where bright ideas collide to create the next big thing. Daxxers from Kyiv recently showed their best in a 2-day software programming competition organized by Exabeam. Find out the results below.

This January, our biggest client Exabeam held a 48-hour cybersecurity hackathon. The idea was to encourage software talents from its various offices to generate innovative solutions in a collaborative environment. The team from Ukraine readily accepted the challenge.

All participants competed not only for cool prizes. They were driven by the idea that the most viable solutions are expected to be adopted soon. It added much to motivation! 

Daxxers worked almost non-stop, discussing and testing ideas in groups. To keep their spirit up, there were lots of snacks and fruits in the office. So, the overall atmosphere was inspiring and everyone felt charged despite the intense brainstorming.

So, how it all went?

As they say, numbers work best:

  • 6 participating countries (the USA, Ukraine, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada)
  • 25 projects
  • 17 teams
  • 8 individual participants 


1st place

190 votes – The US team. They received a $2000 Amazon gift card and groovy lava lamps proclaiming them champions. 

2 place 

187 votes – Ukraine team that consisted of 3 Scala and 1 JavaScript Developer (Zinovii, Ivan, Yevhenii, and Vitalii). They received a $1000 Amazon gift card.  

3 place 

186 votes – Ukraine team that encompassed 4 SDETs (Oleksii, Antonina, Oleksandr, and Artem). They received a $500 Amazon gift card.

Overall, the hackathon was a great opportunity to think outside the box and put new ideas to work.

Congrats to our awesome teammates on winning 2nd and 3rd places. We are proud of you! Our best wishes to all the hackathon participants. You showed hard work and commitment.

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