Daxx Became an Info Partner of Agile Forum 2020

On June 12, we are happy to invite you to Agile Forum 2020 in Kyiv. You’ll explore all things of business: transformations, pitfalls, drama, and fun. You’ll learn from top companies and their business cases.

Daxx became an info partner of Agile Forum 2020, empowered by AgileDrive. The conference will bring together over 250 participants from such areas as banking, FMCG, creative industry, retail, HoReCa, e-commerce, and IT.


  • two streams of speeches
  • top companies (Ceska Sporitelna, Epikur, Evo, Raiffeisen Bank, Ukrsibbank, EVA, Vodafone, Banda, BAT, McDonald’s)
  • prominent foreign speakers (Silvana Wasitova (Switzerland), Giuseppe De Simone (Shvetsia), and keynote speakers from Ukraine (Dmytro Baranov, Olena Kryzhanovska, Dmytro Adabir, Yurii Lytvynenko, Yuliia Puzyriova, Artem Bykovets). 


From practitioners to practitioners 
Organizers are against pointless speeches. They prepared only real business cases, hard data, fails, and lessons learned.

Atmosphere of belonging
You’ll become part of the community (which is a good tradition for all AgileDrive’s events). Everyone will be sharing openly about their challenges, pain points, and doubts.

Simplicity is the key
Forget about office suits, hastle, and arrogance. Say “hi” to simplicity. Honesty. Empathy. Discussing complex things in simple terms.

You are not alone
That is true. You are not alone on the battlefield of Agile-transformations. Someone has already faced the issues you stuck with or you can help someone in return. Sharing knowledge and mutual support are the foundation of a strong community.

A new perspective
For business representatives, the forum is an opportunity to learn about transformations not only from сoaches and consultants, but also from business representatives themselves. And for coaches, there’s a chance to reach the point of the clitoris. For coaches, this is a real chance to learn the client’s point.


  • Business representatives curious about Agile-transformations
  • those in the process of transformation but stuck at the moment
  • those willing to gain new knowledge on Agile, Scrum, and transformations
  • those who have already started transformation and looking for support
  • Scrum Masters, Agile-coaches
  • change initiators


June 12, 2020 (Friday)


“DEPO Conference Hall”, Antonovycha St, 52 (Olimliyska metro station)

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Official hashtags: #agileforumсomua, #agileforumukraine

Registration and tickets are here.

Promo code for 10% off: daxx-af2020

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

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The conference is organized by AgileDrive Company. Due to our extensive positive experience of Agile adoption in the prominent international and national companies, we’ve learned how to make Scrum really work and bring value to business. We will help you adapt flexible approaches exclusively to your company. You will be able to change the traditional management model lagging behind the ever-changing market and move to the next level to achieve better results.

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