Daxx Business Trips – Amsterdam

At the end of September, our colleagues from Daxx headed to the picturesque Amsterdam for a one-week business trip. They had a chance to meet with the teammates from Vive App in person, get together, spend time outside of work, and set goals for the near future. Apart from that, Daxxers learned more about Dutch culture and explored some local sightseeing spots. We had a talk with Oleksii Nikitenko and Oleksandr Melnyk, Java Software Engineers at Vive App, and asked them to tell us more about their trip.

What were the exact dates of your business trip?

Oleksii: September 26 – October 3, 2021.

What was the goal of your visit?

Oleksii: We released the alpha version of the application a month ago and launched the beta version during our business trip. We also finally met with the whole team, including the front office.

Tell us briefly about Vive App. 

Oleksandr: Vive App is building the future of investing by making wealth and pension planning smart and available on your smartphone. Its mission is to provide total control over investments and wealth planning. 

Do you have any difficulty working within an international team? 

Oleksii: Definitely not. We clearly understand the purpose of the product. All team members are always open to discussions, everyone is a professional in their field.

Daxxers in Amsterdam - 1
Oleksii Nikitenko in Amsterdam

Oleksandr: From the get-go, it was pretty difficult. My English was weak, so direct communication with the client was quite a challenge for me. But after half a year, it felt like a piece of cake. I even managed to understand different accents. On top of that, the team is always ready to explain everything to you in the slightest detail to help you cope with the current task.

Daxxers in Amsterdam - 2
Oleksandr Melnyk at one of the sightseeings in Amsterdam

How did you spend your spare time in Amsterdam?

Oleksii: Honestly, we didn’t have much free time. As I mentioned earlier, our goal was to cooperate with the team, including after work. We worked together during the day, then the whole team explored pubs until late at night. The atmosphere was really cool and friendly. We also walked around the city and visited some Dutch shops.

Daxxers in Amsterdam - 3
Exploring the city

Oleksandr: That was my second trip to Amsterdam. The first one was all about museums and typical touristic places. But the second time was really awesome. We visited a lot of different places together with the team like pubs, cafes, food courts, and enjoyed the spectacular boating around Amsterdam. We also walked a lot to observe architecture, narrow streets, people on bicycles around, positive vibes… It was beyond any expectations! 

Daxxers in Amsterdam - 4
Walking down the streets of Amsterdam

What are your key takeaways from this business trip? 

Oleksii: I got a boost of motivation. Also, I got answers to many questions about business goals kindly offered to me by the CEO. Good mood and excitement from Dutch culture — it goes without saying.

Daxxers and the client in Amsterdam
Celebration with the Vive App team

Oleksandr: I’ve drawn several conclusions. Firstly, the mentality of Dutch people is radically different from the one in post-Soviet countries. Secondly, the vibe of the city directly affects your mood, desire to work, and brainstorming new ideas. Thirdly, a person in plain clothes will be more friendly than the one in a rich garment. The Dutch are nice and open-minded, they don’t chase for money. In short, this is lagom. 

Daxxers and the client in Amsterdam - 2
Getting together with the teammates from Vive App

What impressed you the most in the Netherlands and Dutch culture? 

Oleksii: People and atmosphere. It’s hard to explain, but Amsterdam is so vibrant that it prompts you to create something new and live your life to the fullest. There are friendly people around, everything is very clean and tidy, and everyone feels relaxed about their business.

Oleksandr: I would say there is a huge difference. For example, in terms of work. People have worked their time (it can be from 10 am to 3 pm) and forget about work. Family, friends, and free time they can devote to themselves are more important to them. People sing while driving to work, they always say good morning, ask how your day is going, etc. This is really impressive!

Daxxers in Amsterdam - 6
Amsterdam at night

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