Daxx Care Box – Alone but Together

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 became a big challenge for everyone. Home spaces turned into work offices. Juggling multiple activities while working from home became a new habit. However, there are little actions that could make the days of self-isolation brighter. Daxx care box delivery was one of them. 

Despite social distancing, April was a very eventful month for us. See for yourself! We launched a series of online initiatives to keep our teammates engaged and educate them on different topics (Daxx Healthy Week, WFH Marathon, webinars on healthy nutrition, coping with anxiety, cross-cultural communication, and others). Our online lectures turned into knowledge-sharing discussions. That feeling of being alone but together (even though online) was priceless. We mean it!

During quarantine, we missed Daxxers a lot and decided to cheer them up a bit. We prepared warm greetings for each of them — in the form of a Daxx care box, filled with useful quarantine-time staff (a mask, a hand sanitizer, fruits, healthy organic sweets, and a bottle of juice). “Stay home”, “Sneeze in elbow” — each mask had such a reminder on it to keep yourself (and others!) safe and protected. Our fairies from Employer Branding and Administrative Departments worked hard and packed each box with a lot of care and love. Thanks a million, girls!  

Small gifts were promptly delivered to their owners in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Our teammates were surprised and very happy to receive a Daxx care box and find some handy stuff in them. It was a pleasure for us to bring you a little bit of joy, guys. Be healthy and strong!  

We truly believe that caring and support make a big difference. 

Daxxers, we’re always here for you — both in challenging and normal times. 

Can’t wait to see you all in person. Take care!  

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