Daxx Dnipro Holds Full Stack Factory

This weekend Daxx Dnipro held Full Stack Factory. It’s a conference aimed at stitching web & server technologies. Let’s have a quick overview of how it all went. 

On September 23, all those interested in web and server tech could visit Full Stack Factory hosted by Daxx Dnipro. The event attracted keynote international speakers who were glad to share their expertise with the audience. Overall, there were about 80 attendees interested in:

  • Azure services
  • Machine Learning
  • Vue.js
  • Grid Layout
  • Mobile app with JS
full stack factory at daxx dnipro

During the conference, all participants had a chance to dive deep into the latest trends in the industry, ask their questions at the Q&A session and had time to talk with the speakers in person.

Web & server technology got closer to everyone. It all started with an overview of Azure services: its basics and usage. The speaker offered some viable ways on how to bring them to any infrastructure, as well as deploy and manage them in the most effective way.

The topic covering Machine Learning – one of the hottest topics today – got special attention and had positive feedback from the audience. The attendees discussed how AI helps the systems automatically learn and make improvements along the way. They learned more about ML algorithms and discovered how to make the most of the massive number of data.

All in all, it turned out to be an exciting knowledge-sharing session that ended up with a lively discussion. We really hope that it was useful for everyone.

It was a charity event. All money raised from the ticket sales was transferred to the charity organization “Помогаем”. We’d like to thank everyone who joined our conference and made their contribution. Each act of kindness goes a long way.

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