Daxx Events Digest – August, 2021

Active and energized Daxxers finished the summer on a strong positive note. In August, they had a lot of activities related both to their professional life and leisure. Without further ado, check out a Daxx Events Digest – August, 2021.


  • Grid Dynamics Group made it to TOP 10 of Favorite IT Employers of 2021

Grid Dynamics Group, and Daxx’s parent company, made it to TOP 10 of Favorite IT Employers of 2021 by MC.today and Work.ua. Thanks to everyone for your high recognition. Congrats, team! 

  • Grid Dynamics Group is one of the TOP 50 Ukraine’s biggest IT companies 

We’ve got even more exciting news to share! Grid Dynamics Group was ranked 21st on the list of the TOP 50 Biggest IT Companies in Ukraine by DOU. It moved 2 positions higher compared to 2020 and keeps growing! 

Grid Dynamics Group, Daxx’s parent company, recognitions


  • Independence Day of Ukraine 

On August 24, we celebrated the 30th Independence Day of Ukraine. Independence for a country, like freedom for a human, is the highest value. Wishing peace, prosperity, and a bright future to our home country! 


  • Сollective voluntary vaccination in Daxx offices

Upon their will, Daxxers got vaccinated throughout all Daxx locations. The on-site process occurred with the help of medical mobile brigades. Thank you to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and IТ Ukraine Association for their substantial input as well as IТ Dnipro Community and Lviv ІТ Cluster for their support in respective locations. Be safe!

Daxx Events Digest – August, 2021 - vaccination
Сollective voluntary vaccination in Daxx offices


  • Dynamics Talks | Big Data Meetup by Artem Gogin 

Data analysts, data engineers and data scientists: teamwork explained. On August 12, Artem Gogin, a Senior Big Data Developer at Grid Dynamics, described basic big data projects with explanations of different roles. The attendees found out how to distribute project work among Data analysts (DA), Data engineers (DE), and Data scientists (DS). Thanks to the speaker and the engaged audience for a productive tech talk and discussion. 

  • Recoil: State Management for Today’s React by Vladyslav Goman

Recoil.js is a young state management library for React applications with a simple, intuitive API. It was born for problem solving, and the way it was engineered made it a great and efficient competitor to such giants as Redux and MobX. During this webinar, Vladislav Goman provided a high-level overview of Recoil.js and explained how to use it in your application.

  • Go Project from Scratch by Ruslan Shmelev

On August 31, Ruslan Shmelev conducted an insightful webinar for Go developers. He talked about the best practices, dependency management, go generation, approach to storing third-party dependencies, and linking. Thanks to the speaker and the audience for a quality time spent together, as well as a productive discussion.


  •  “Behavior Strategies in a Conflict Situation” by Natalia Ben

Natalia Ben, a practicing psychologist-psychotherapist, held a webinar “Behavior Strategies in a Conflict Situation” for our teammates. The speaker explained how to choose a winning strategy, keep calm, and achieve your goals. Our colleagues learned that there are 3 types of body reactions to stress: fight, flight, and freeze. Thanks to all the listeners who joined!

  • Cooking Class by Olga Medvedeva 

On August 25, our teammates had an online cooking class. Olga Medvedeva, a chef and a blogger, taught them how to cook two healthy to-go snacks: a quesadilla with turkey and a salad with shrimps. It was a great way to spend the evening and master new recipes. Not to mention it was so yummy!

  • “The History of Design: from Bauhaus to IKEA” by Natalia Vostrikova 

Are you a fan of Bauhaus or a minimalistic Scandinavian style? Some of the Daxxers definitely are. On August 18, Natalia Vostrikova, a historian of art, conducted a guest lecture “The History of Design: from Bauhaus to IKEA.” With a great passion, Natalia traced the origins of the design, explored its major trends throughout the world, and highlighted that simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve. That was a very captivating talk. Kudos to the speaker and the attendees! 


  • Daxxers paid a visit to an animal shelter “Friend” in Dnipro

On August 28, Daxxers from Dnipro visited an animal shelter “Friend”, which is home to 250 dogs with different kinds of physical or psychological traumas. Plus, there are several donkeys and goats among its inhabitants. Our teammates brought food, medications, and сleaning products and spent time with pets. Thanks to our Daxxers for their kind hearts! Find the details here.

Druh - 1
Daxxers visited an animal shelter “Friend” in Dnipro


  • Open-Air Workout Challenge

On August 20-27, Daxxers participated in the open-air workout challenge. The idea was to catch the last summer days and do some sports. Our teammates run, jumped, did push-ups, etc. They posted short videos of their workouts in Instagram stories and tagged @daxx_developers. Congratulatinos to Mariia Krykunova, Vadym Kuznetsov, and Yevhenii Taranets who became the lucky winners and got a gift certificate to a sports shop.


  • Kayaking 

Daxxers can’t get enough of kayaking. In August, they had another refreshing weekend, full of paddling and exciting quests as well. The best time ever is the time spent with a team! 

  • Quadricycling 

Mud, quadricycles, and speed. Daxxers got together for a team ride. They had fun, tested their driving skills, and spent a great time with each other. Thanks to everyone who joined and made that day so memorable!

  • Pool party

Team buildings at the pool are the wettest and the coolest. Daxxers had fun, sunbathed, and played games together. Summer, stay with us for good. Bring us more great moments like these!

Daxx Events Digest – August, 2021
Pool party in Kharkiv

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