Daxx Events Digest – December, 2021

While 2021 is coming to an end and the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to look back at all the activities we had in December. Our traditional Daxx Events Digest – December, 2021 is all set and ready. Would you like to take a glance at it? You are highly invited!


  • Saint Nicholas Day 

Saint Nicholas Day is one of the favorite holidays for many children. On this day, we traditionally prepared gifts for the kids of our colleagues. This year, these were certificates for the Antoshka children’s store, so parents could buy toys, clothes or goods for their kids. It’s the biggest joy to see all the kids happy and smiling! 

  • Christmas 

On this very cheerful holiday, we wished our teammates and their families a bunch of happiness, peace and prosperity. We hope each of them had a safe and joyful celebration! 

  • RockStar Award 

2021 was an outstanding year for the whole Grid Dynamics family. We expressed appreciation to our brilliant colleagues who made this success possible. The winners were determined based on the results of open voting. Kudos to all Rock Stars! You definitely deserved it!

  • New Year 

We took the moment to thank the passing year for all the small and big victories that it brought us and wished everyone a wonderful and successful 2022. 

Plus, all our colleagues received cozy blankets to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Grid Dynamics, Daxx’s parent company, and feel the warmth of the holidays. It was a good way to say “thank you” for great teamwork in 2021! 

Daxx Events Digest – December, 2021 - New Year
Christmas mood at Daxx


  • Angular Kharkiv Meetup #11 | Online 

On December 2, the virtual Angular Kharkiv Meetup #11 brought together such renowned Angular experts and GDEs as Stepan Suvorov (“Pre-rendering and Cookies”), Alex Okrushko (“How to Love Writing Unit Tests Again?”), Dmytro Mezhenskyi (“Angular DI — Essentials You Have to Know”), and Dmitriy Shekhovtsov (“MF Easy AF”). The speakers shared their in-depth knowledge with lots of participants online. In case you’ve missed it, watch the recordings here.  

  • Dynamic Talks 75 | Data Science Meetup 

On December 2, Data Science fans didn’t miss a chance to join the Dynamic Talks 75 | Data Science Meetup. They listened to two exciting topics by Data Scientists from Grid Dynamics: “Latest breakthrough in Natural language processing applied in computer vision” by Andrii Khomenko and “Using augmented reality in interior & property design: How did we live without it?” by Sevil Smailova and Maksym Kmet. The recording is available here

  • Dynamic Talks 76 | Big Data Meetup 

On December 3, Oleksandr Zinich, a Big Data Developer at Grid Dynamics, conducted a tech talk “Say goodbye to the CRON. Modern ways to orchestrate your workflows.” The speaker talked about task orchestrators, both on-premise solutions and those offered by the clouds. Together with the audience, Oleksandr discussed which of them are better and for what purposes, and which may become non-obvious solutions for your project. The video is waiting for you here

  • Dynamic Talks 77 | Data Science Meetup 

On December 6, Data Scientists from Grid Dynamics conducted two speeches for the attendees: “Using Machine Learning for forecasting future customer behavior to transform business processes” by Ivan Piaternev and “Discrete optimization on ship-from-store example” by Artem Kondakov. If you didn’t make it, you still have a chance to learn more about Machine Learning and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming. Just sit back and enjoy the watching

  • Dynamic Talks 78 | Big Data Meetup 

On December 15, Big Data experts from Grid Dynamics Belgrade presented their topics: “Data Quality in Big Data Service” by Milan Simakovic and “Spark vs Flink — The Battle of Champions” by Masa Stanojevic and Luka Zecevic. The participants dived deep into data analysis which is one of the most powerful tools for business success today. Plus, they had a chance to learn more about two main data processing players on the market — Flink and Spark. The recording is available here

  • Dynamic Talks 79 | Spark ML Workshop 

On December 16, 21 and 23, Vitaly Monastyrev and Igor Samsonov, Data Engineers at Grid Dynamics, conducted a 3-day Spark ML Workshop for all those interested in the topic. The structure of lessons was as follows: 

  1. Lesson 1. How the process of building models on big data is built. Classification with Spark ML. Watch the video here
  2. Lesson 2. Regression, Clustering, Collaborative Filtering and Pattern Search with Spark ML. Watch the video here
  3. Lesson 3. Custom Transformer and Estimator for building your own algorithms in Spark ML. Watch the video here

Thanks to everyone who joined and actively participated in the workshop. We hope it was useful and helped you hone your practical skills. Don’t miss a chance to join us next time!   

Daxx Events Digest – December, 2021 - New Year 2
Happy New Year 2022!

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