Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021

It’s time to wave goodbye to July. From a bunch of webinars to offline meetups and team outings — it brought us so many bright events to remember. Are you ready to check a quick summary of them? Daxx Events Digest — July, 2021 is right at your disposal!

First and foremost, we welcomed the Grid Dynamics management team at Daxx Dnipro office. We were happy to meet with the colleagues in person and discuss our strategic plans for the future. It was a productive and pleasant meeting. Thank you to our colleagues for coming over and for a fruitful discussion! See more here.


  • Accountant’s Day 

On July 16, we congratulated our best Accounting Team on their professional holiday. It was a great occasion to thank them once again for their hard work, positive attitude, and excellent support in everything related to numbers. We wish them lots of happiness, satisfaction from work, only accurate calculations, and success every day. 

  • PR Manager’s Day 

On July 28, we congratulated our teammates working in the field of Public Relations and Communications on a PR Manager’s Day. Have a bunch of inspiration and creativity, and continue to turn bright ideas into powerful messages. We believe that good communication is the key to personal and business success. Congratulations! 

  • System Administrator’s Day 

As they say, even developers need heroes. On July 30, we extended our warmest wishes to our System Administrators in all Daxx locations. SysAdmins are superheroes who are ready to troubleshoot, configure, and tune all kinds of issues so that everything works at best. Wishing them to be happy, healthy, and successful in everything they do. 

In honor of professional holidays, each of the specialists received a memorable gift from Daxx — a branded lamzak — so they could have a cozy rest at picnics, festivals, camping trips, or at the beach. 

Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021 - Accountanting Team
Daxx Accounting Team


  •  “Spark ML Pipelines [Under the Hood]” by Vitalii Monastyrev 

On July 15, Vitalii Monastyrev, a Big Data Engineer at Grid Dynamics, held a webinar “Spark ML Pipelines [Under the Hood]” as part of Dynamic Talks. Modern IT companies actively develop the Data Science stack in their projects to predict profits for subsequent quarters, configure targeted advertising, build a recommendation system, and much more. Vitalii gave an understanding of the basic Spark ML lib features, explained how to integrate several programming languages within a single learning process, and showed how to use examples that are available after the report. 

  • “How to Pass the Nontechnical Part of a Java interview” by Volodymyr Mykolaichuk

On July 29, Volodymyr Mykolaichuk, Java/Kotlin Developer at Daxx, a Grid Dynamics Group company, was a keynote speaker at the 2nd CofeeJUG Birthday Party in Lviv. Volodymyr focused on behavioral questions at a job interview, shared some real cases, and explained how to present yourself in the most favorable light. Apart from that, he stressed the importance of having a short yet well-structured CV and a portfolio. It was the first offline meetup in a long time, so it was a double pleasure to see everyone! 

  • “Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile” by Oleksandr Synelnikov 

New trends in mobile development is an exciting topic to explore. During the webinar, Oleksandr Synelnikov from Grid Dynamics told about another facet of cross-platform mobile development and shared the latest findings by a dedicated Grid Dynamics R&D team. This Tech Talk was intended primarily for Android, iOS, and cross-platform mobile developers. The speaker offered a close view of the technology, highlighted all pros and cons of the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, and presented his conclusions.

Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021 - CoffeeJUG
Volodymyr Mykolaichuk is giving a speech at CoffeeJUG


  • “How to Store Things and Keep Your Home Organized” by Albina Aleksandrova 

On July 5, our teammates joined an online webinar “How to Store Things and Keep Your Home Organized” by Albina Aleksandrova. First off, they found out that Toyota with its idea of “lean manufacturing” was the first company to launch the concept of space organization. Plus, Daxxers learned more about home zoning, workplace organization hacks, and how to keep your house clean when you have kids around. We hope that all the tips will come in handy for you, guys!

  • “Mountain Trekking and Hiking” by Viacheslav Tkachenko 

Any mountain trekking or hiking fans out there? On July 14, Viacheslav Tkachenko, an experienced triathlete, mountain climber and trekking organizer, held a webinar for our teammates. He talked about how to prepare for trekking (physically and mentally), what equipment to pick, and why even the savviest hikers can fail. Thanks to the speaker and the audience. Keep all the tips in mind and stay safe! 

  • “Allergy: Causes, Signs, and “Masks” by Maya Ruselevych 

On July 21, Maya Ruselevych, an allergist and pulmonologist, conducted a webinar on a very hot topic for the summer season. The doctor explained why the allergy can occur, how to distinguish a true allergy from a false one, and what to do if that happened to you. The tips were useful both for parents and their kids. Wishing everyone good health! 

  • “Triathlon: How to Start and Prepare for Long Distances” by Michael Korzun

As sportsmen say, happiness is finishing your first triathlon. Our teammate, Michael Korzun, has participated in more than 10 triathlons, in all kinds of marathons and starts. He held a webinar for our teammates and shared his tried-and-tested tips on how to prepare for triathlons, and not to quit. Keep supporting a sports culture at Daxx!

Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021 - Michael Korzun
“Triathlon: How to Start and Prepare for Long Distances” by Michael Korzun


  • Daxx Became a Partner of EastCode 2021

EastCode 2021 is a national contest of IT solutions for communities in Eastern Ukraine. Daxx was pleased to support this social initiative as a Partner. Jean Lakosnyk, Engineering Manager at Daxx, became a mentor for one of the winning projects. Jean has profound expertise in the cybersecurity domain. Together with 29 other mentors from different fields, she shared her knowledge, consulted the team, and helped its members bring their ideas to life. As they say, the best way to learn is to learn from the best! Read more here

Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021 - EastCode 2021
EastCode 2021


  • Race Nation Mykolaiv 2021 

On July 3, Ruslan Lytvynchuk, a JavaSсript Developer at Daxx Dnipro, confidently conquered the Race Nation Mykolaiv 2021 — one of the brightest and dirtiest sports events of the summer. 5 km, 20 obstacles. Mission completed! Daxxers, East or West, you’re the best! Find the details here.


  • Kayaking 

Summer is a perfect time to get together with your teammates, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. At the end of July, Daxxers in Kharkiv and Dnipro tried themselves in kayaking, participated in different kinds of quests, and enjoyed a summer weekend. It was a dynamic and exciting experience. Thanks to everyone for making it happen! 

Daxx Events Digest – July, 2021 - Kayaking
Daxxers from Kharkiv are doing kayaking

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