Daxx Events Digest – June, 2021

The first month of summer is over. For Daxxers, it was a very active, productive, and bright month as it’s meant to be for this time of the year. Take a look at Daxx Events Digest – June, 2021 and see for yourself!


  • Children’s Day 

On June 1st, we traditionally congratulated little Daxxers on International Children’s Day. On that day, all parents at Daxx received a gift certificate from an online shop offering various games for kids. As a result, each child could pick a game they like most. Also, we launched a drawing exhibition “I Paint the World” across all Daxx offices, and little Daxxers gladly shared their paintings with us. Read more here.

Daxx Events Digest – June, 2021 - Paintings by little Daxxers
Paintings by little Daxxers


  • “Java vs Kotlin. Let’s Discuss!” by Volodymyr Mykolaichuk 

On June 23, Daxxers dived into the world of Java and Kotlin. Volodymyr Mykolaichuk, a Java/Kotlin Developer at Daxx Kyiv, told about his experience of learning Kotlin, made a clear comparison of these two programming languages, and shared his insights. Together with the speaker, the audience traced the origin of Java, spotted the difference in specific examples, and discussed the possible pitfalls. It was a very informative and productive discussion.


First Aid Workshop by Kostiantyn Melnyk

“Stress Management” by Grid Dynamics Soft Skills Community 

Stress is something that everyone experiences from time to time. The thing is, how to deal with it most efficiently. During this webinar, the audience learned how to transform a stressful response into energy and give it a creative outlet. Also, the participants discussed tools that can help cope with stress and find new opportunities even in the most difficult situations. It was a thought-provoking and useful lecture, full of handy tips to follow. 

“How to Help a Child Become More Independent” by Anastasiia Luchyk

Every parent wants their kid to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their lives in the future. On June 15, Anastasiia Luchyk, a clinical and family psychologist, explained how to control a child’s stress level, motivate, and teach them the most valuable life skills. Plus, she recommended some useful books on the subject. Find the full list here

“Everything about Zero Waste” by Anna Prokaieva 

On June 18, we discussed everything about zero waste with Anna Prokaieva, a Kharkiv Zero Waste & Eco-Hub Network Coordinator. We talked about microplastics, eco-friendly lifestyle, and conscious consumption. Anna shared her firsthand experience of recycling in Ukraine, compared local eco-initiatives to ones in Europe, and encouraged everyone to rethink the way we produce and consume. 

  • First Aid Workshop by Kostiantyn Melnyk 

Kostiantyn Melnyk, an Emergency Group Response Commander at Ukrainian Red Cross, held a very useful first aid workshop for our teammates. Lots of practice, a bunch of tips, and a number of real-life cases. Thank you to everyone who joined and learned more about first aid emergency care. Sometimes, knowledge can save a life. 


  • Visiting an animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky” in Vyshneve

On June 12, Daxxers from Kyiv paid a visit to an animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky”. It’s home to 250 stray dogs and cats, located in the town of Vyshneve in Kyiv region. Our teammates brought 82 kg of food, medications, and toys for its inhabitants. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. Read more here

Daxx Events Digest – June, 2021 - Daxxers at animal shelter
Daxxers at the animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky”


  • Kyiv Bicycle Day 2021 

On Saturday, June 5, Daxx cyclists from our Kyiv office participated in Kyiv Bicycle Day 2021 — a massive sports festival that brought together thousands of cycling enthusiasts and pros. Our teammates even took little Daxxers with them. It’s great to see that the Daxx cycling community is continuously growing! Cheers to our cyclists and congrats to Kyiv Bicycle Day on its 15th anniversary! 

  • Grid Dynamics & Daxx Online Marathon 1.0 

This running marathon united lots of runners from our big team. From May 29 till June 13, they were competing in different categories and showed awesome results. We’ve got winners both from Daxx and Grid Dynamics. Please find their names here

  • Iron Way Sprint 2021

On June 13, Dmytro Zhuzniev, a PHP Developer from Daxx Kharkiv, participated in Iron Way Sprint 2021. Swimming, cycling and running — all disciplines of the triathlon done! Great day to remember, bright emotions to keep. We’re proud of our strong and smart Daxxer!

  • Olympic — Subaru Triatman Series

On June 26, Michael Korzun, a JavaScript Developer at Daxx Kyiv, successfully conquered the following disciplines of the triathlon: swimming — 1500 m, cycling — 40 km, running — 10 km. Even a summer heatwave and tough weather conditions can’t stop our teammates. Cheers to our powerful triathlete! 

Daxx Events Digest – June, 2021 - Kyiv Bicycle Day (2)
Kyiv Bicycle Day 2021

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