Daxx Events Digest – May, 2021

Life at Daxx is bright and dynamic. Each month, we carry out a number of various events for our teammates. There are tech, non-tech, and leisure activities to spend time with use and strengthen bonds within a team. Read an overview of the activities that we’ve had recently. Daxx Events Digest – May, 2021 is all set and ready!


  • Vyshyvanka Day

On May 20, Daxxers from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv united to celebrate Vyshyvanka Day 2021. Whether offline or online  it’s a tradition we’re always glad to keep. Vyshyvanka is part of our cultural code, and we remember our roots and cherish our traditions. This year, our teammates put on their beautiful national garments and shared their photos with us. Please find the photo report here.

Daxx Events Digest - May, 2021 - Vyshyvanka Day
Vyshyvanka Day at Daxx


  • “Big Data for non-Big Data Developers” by Artem Gogin

On May 12, Artem Gogin, a Senior Big Data Developer at Grid Dynamics, made a great intro to Big Data fundamentals. He talked about what Big Data is, discussed modern data warehouse architecture, and explained why businesses need to exploit Big Data solutions and improve their IT architecture. Above that, Artem gave an understanding of such concepts as BI, OLTP, OLAP, ETL, and DataLake. It was an informative and well-structured speech.

  • “Bioinformatics 101” by Yana Klementeva

On May 18, Yana Klementeva, a Python Developer at Grid Dynamics, covered the main tools and approaches to bioinformatics. In a nutshell, bioinformatics is a fast-growing field of modern study that uses computation to extract knowledge from biological data. Yana shed light on three generations of sequencing technology, told about genomics, transcriptomics, microbiomics and others *-omics, and explained the idea of CRISPS against adenoviruses. That was very insightful!

  • “Code Comments” by Denys Bondarenko

Denys Bondarenko, a Big Data Developer at Grid Dynamics, devoted his webinar to code comments. Are all of them equally useful? Definitely not. They can be useful, meaningless, or even harmful. Denys made a clear analysis of different types of comments and shared useful practices. As a result, the audience learned more about useful and harmful comments and discovered how to get the most out of the process.


Daxx Events Digest - May, 2021 - Vitamins
“Vitamins: More Good or Harm?”

“Vitamins: More Good or Harm?” by Oksana Lesyk

Taking vitamins is a very trendy yet debatable topic. Oksana Lesyk, a cardiologist and therapist at Into-Sana medical center, held a webinar for Daxxers. The doctor explained that no product could provide you with a sufficient number of vitamins. However, taking vitamins should happen strictly under a doctor’s prescription. It was a useful and insightful online lecture that reminded us that health is the biggest wealth.

“Nutrition and Productivity Tips” by Larysa Granovska and Anna Evgenova

Food is our main source of energy. However, it could also be the main source of difficulties and problems. Larysa Granovska and Anna Evgenova, nutrition experts from DevaCoach, explained how our bodies expend energy (calories) and how to restore it. The lectures showed how to integrate proper nutrition into a busy schedule and quickly recharge without any coffee or sweets.

“Running Tips for Beginners” by Andrii Deshchenko

Daxx running and cycling communities know firsthand that preparation is the key to success. On May 20, we invited Andrii Deshchenko, CEO & lead coach at Phoenix Sport Club, to held a webinar for runners. He highlighted that proper equipment is everything and stretching muscles after the training is paramount. Plus, healthy nutrition and regular hydration should be a daily commitment for everyone. During the discussion, Daxx runners shared real cases from their running activities. Keep it up, don’t stop!

  • “The Sports Physiology” by Velimir Nazarychev

During his webinar, Velimir Nazarychev, Master of Sports in orienteering and a Candidate Master of Sports in mountain running, told about cyclic sports (skiing, swimming, cycling, running, etc.), their effect on the body, and how to make the most out of training. Also, Velimir explained how the physiology of sports works, how to choose the intensity of your workout, and why you should strengthen your heart.


  • Daxx Cycling Marathon

On May 15-23, we held our very first Daxx Cycling Marathon. 30 Daxxers pedaled hard, tracked their results with Strava, and competed to become the best. We are immensely proud of our fast and persistent Daxx cyclists and thank everyone for participation. Please find the results here.

  • Avantazh Half Marathon Kharkiv

Daxx runners are regular participants of all the major marathons.
Avantazh Half Marathon Kharkiv was no exception. On May 16, our teammates participated and showed their best in this sports competition. The running culture is truly amazing at Daxx!

  • Kharkiv Bicycle Day 2021

We can’t get enough of cycling events! On May 23, Daxxers from Kharkiv joined the massive column of up to 10,000 cyclists. The length of the route was 9 km. It was a fun and exciting event for the whole city. Cheers to the big and bright Daxx cycling team!

  • Grid Dynamics & Daxx Online Marathon 1.0

On May 29, we launched our very first Grid Dynamics & Daxx Online Marathon 1.0 that will last till June 13. Runners from different Grid Dynamics and Daxx locations will compete in several categories to become the best: 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, the longest and most creative run. The winners will get valuable prizes. But above all, they will get a massive energy and team spirit boost!

Daxx Events Digest - May
Daxx cycling team at Kharkiv Bicycle Day 2021


  • Children’s Drawing Exhibition “I paint the world”

On the eve of Children’s Day, we launched a kids’ drawing exhibition across all Daxx locations. Little Daxxers have a limitless imagination, so we asked their parents to share their paintings with us. The topic is “I paint the world.” We’d be happy and proud to place their artworks in our offices.


  • Online quests

At Daxx, we have teammates who are experienced quest professionals and fans. From time to time, they meet online with a mission to solve a new quest. Each time, the topic is different. They embark on a journey with an exciting scenario, professional setup, and lots of logic puzzles. That’s a great way to spend Friday night with colleagues.

  • Quiz: International Tea Day

There are two types of people: coffee and tea lovers. On International Tea Day, we, of course, focused on the latter. While sipping a hot tea at home, Daxxers participated in an online quiz. There was everything about tea: its origin, sorts, interesting facts, etc. The winner received a tea tasting set as a prize.

  • Quiz: How well do you know “Friends”?

Daxxers played an online quiz to check how well they know the characters and events on “Friends”. Questions covered all seasons of this popular American sitcom. Everyone had to be fast enough to give a correct answer faster than others. It was fun, exciting, and a bit nostalgic. As it turned out, some Daxxers are true fans of “Friends.”

Daxx Events Digest - May, 2021 - Friends Quiz
Quiz: How well do you know “Friends?”

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