Daxx Events Digest – November, 2021

Autumn is over, but this season has pleased us with lots of great activities. What kind of them did we have in November? Take a look at Daxx Events Digest – November, 2021. We are traditionally sharing the progress made over the last month!


  • Thanksgiving Day 

As a part of the Grid Dynamics family, we were happy to thank our big team, partners and clients once again for such fruitful cooperation, dedication, and hard work. We value and appreciate each of them and hope that they had a joyful and blessed celebration. 

Daxx Events Digest – November, 2021 - Thanksgiving


  • “Spark Streaming: Cookbook” by Artem Gogin 

On November 24, Artem Gogin, our Senior Big Data Developer, conducted a tech talk on the design of streaming apps and covering Spark Streaming’s capabilities for real-time ETL implementation. The speaker explained how to choose the right architecture for the real-time data analytics app, considered the main types of streaming applications, provided the analyses of the Spark Streaming capabilities and settings, and gave tips on what parameters and designs to choose for the most popular streaming tasks. Many thanks to Artem for his in-depth talk and to the audience for their high involvement.  

  • “3 Use Cases of Fortune 500 Companies”  

On November 25, Data Science engineers from Grid Dynamics shared 3 case studies for Fortune 500 companies. Aleksey Romanov, our Senior Data Scientist, gave a tech talk “Churn prediction in telecom: Who? When? Why?”, in which he considered the main ML components of an analytical platform developed for a telecom company. Alexey and his team have built the churn prediction model that helped reduce user churn, so he shared their advancements. Alexey Belyakov and Oleg Smirnov, our Data Scientists, reviewed all the stages of solving the street2shop problem using the image similarity and vector search approaches in their talk “Visual search in street2shop.” Oleg Osipov, our Data Scientist, presented a talk “Reinforcement learning for multi-channel marketing campaign optimization” and shared his experience in creating a system for predicting the optimal next step — Next Best Action — for a global pharmaceutical company. A big thank you to our colleagues for participating and sharing their expertise with the attendees.   


  • “Intuition: What Is Behind Intuitive Decisions?” by Natalia Ben 

The sixth sense, gut feeling, or instinct — they all are synonyms for intuition. Together with Natalia Ben, a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist, our teammates explored the topic in detail. In a nutshell, intuition comes from your experience but lacks a comprehensive thought. It’s associated with the right hemisphere. Adopting new habits, practicing mindfulness and meditation are essential for developing intuition. Thanks to the speaker for giving us such a practical workshop and to everyone who joined!

  • “Age Characteristics of Kids” by Anastasia Luchik 

On November 10, parents from Daxx and Grid Dynamics had a chance to learn more about child development. Anastasia Luchik, a qualified family psychologist, highlighted the main age peculiarities of kids of different ages — from newborns to teens. It’s highly recommended to look at the world through children’s eyes from time to time. This will help adults to understand their kids better. Kudos to the speaker for a useful talk and all the participants for such a high engagement!


  • 6th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 2021

Daxx runners never miss the chance to warm up and scale new heights. Our teammates put in all their efforts and showed their best in the 6th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 2021. They are always ready to face the challenges and we are happy to celebrate their great and small victories together. Good job! 

Daxx Events Digest – November, 2021 - Daxxers
Daxx runners at the 6th Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 2021

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