Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021

Autumn is known to be a hot business season. It is usually marked by the whirl of different kinds of activities. As you might have guessed, October was no exception for us. Let us shed some light on what activities Daxxers have been engaged with this month. Keep an eye on Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021! 


  • Lawyer’s Day 

On October 8, we extended our best wishes to our professional lawyers. If doctors save our lives, lawyers defend them. We wish our colleagues personal and professional fulfillment, grateful clients, and brilliant results!

  • Ukraine Defender’s Day 

On October 14, we celebrated Defender’s Day of Ukraine. We honor the courage of all the men and women who stand for our independence every day. Congratulations and best wishes for health and longevity to our heroes!

  • Marketer’s and Sales Manager’s Day

On October 25, we congratulated our Marketing and Sales teams on their professional holiday. We didn’t miss the opportunity to thank them for their driven approach, creativity, and laser focus on results. We wish them lots of closed deals, sound health, and positive days!

  • Halloween 

Halloween is the scariest time of the year. For this holiday, we traditionally created the proper atmosphere in our offices thanks to spooky decorations. Everyone could treat themselves with pizza and snacks. Daxxers in Kharkiv ended the day by watching the movie together in the office. 

Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021 - Halloween Kharkiv
Halloween celebration at Daxx Kharkiv
Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021 - Halloween Kyiv
Halloween celebration at Daxx Kyiv


  • “Web and Mobile Testing with Selenoid” by Maksym Kuznietsov and Karyna Khyzhniak 

On October 20, Maksym Kuznietsov and Karyna Khyzhniak delivered a tech talk “Web and Mobile Testing with Selenoid”, in which they explored the Selenoid capabilities in terms of mobile and web testing. The speakers explained why Selenoid simplifies testing, considered its advantages compared to the other analogs, and discussed platforms and browsers available at the moment. 

  • “Quality Assurance in Microservice Development” by Sergey Borovykh 

Sergey Borovykh, a Senior QA Engineer at Grid Dynamics, believes that each of us wants to build an app that will be easily supportable in years, which doesn’t require manual test efforts after the business logic update and makes visible any potential deviation in the calculation flow. During this tech talk, the speaker shared his tried-and-tested tips that helped his team succeed in terms of the stability of their project. 

  • Tech Talk Type class derivation in Scala 3 by Andrei Lespukh

Andrei Lespukh, a Senior Big Data Engineer at Grid Dynamics, discussed the innovations in Scala 3 that allow generating type classes. In his talk, Andrei used the example of j-son encoders and shared his hands-on approach. Thanks to the speaker for the useful and insightful tech talk and to the audience for their active participation. 


  • “Dress Code Review” by Andrey Dmitriev-Radvogin

On October 20, our teammates embarked on a journey to the world of dress etiquette: its history, basic concepts, and logic. Andrey Dmitriev-Radvogin, an art historian and lecturer, explained the difference between a white tie and a black tie, talked about colors and their meaning, and gave tips on how to look appropriate at different kinds of venues. Thanks to the lecturer and to all the participants for such a great after-work time!

  • “Design Thinking” by Irek Piętowski

Design thinking is a very trendy topic today. No wonder that lots of our teammates were excited to listen to Irek Piętowski, a Brainwave founder and CEO. In a nutshell, design thinking is a method that helps create new products and services, improve processes and customer experience, and solve wicked problems. The speaker explained how it can help you deliver value quicker and shared some case studies along the way. 


  • Novovolynsk charity initiative 

Daxx supports an inclusive approach to education. Recently, we sent the working stations to one of the social institutions in Novovolynsk. Two skilled people with limited mobility now got access to learning. We wish them bright results and the best future!

Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021 - Novovolynsk
The learning process in Novovolynsk


  • 12th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon

On October 24, Daxx runners completed the 12th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon. As usual, emotions went off-scale for the runners and those who cheered for them. Now we’ve got another event in the collection of memories. Daxx athletes, we’re so proud of you!

Daxx Events Digest – October, 2021 - runners
Daxx runners at the 12th Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon

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