Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021

September is a month of learning. Everyone gets back on track after the summer season and is ready to conquer new heights. Read Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021 and see how active and festive this month was for us!

Before we go any further, we’d like to highlight that we were beyond excited to welcome Dmitriy Korsun, Delivery Director at Grid Dynamics, Daxx’s parent company, to our Dnipro office. We had a productive and inspiring conversation, which ended up with a tasty breakfast. Thanks to our special guest for coming!

Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021 - Breakfast in Dnipro
Dmitriy Korsun at Daxx Dnipro office

Now let’s take a closer look at what the first month of autumn has brought us. 


It is our honor to announce that Clutch, an independent B2B ratings and reviews platform, listed Daxx as a Top Sustained-Growth Company, making it one of the Top 9 Sustained-Growth Companies in Ukraine. Read more here


  • Tester’s Day

On September 9, we had a chance to say thank you to our QA Engineers and SDETs for their hard work, sharp eyes, and commitment to excellence. As they say, no bugs — no problems. So may all bugs be found!

  • Programmer’s Day

On September 13, we congratulated our top-notch software developers on their professional holiday. Programmers are those who create, innovate, and change the world with code. We’re immensely thankful for their great contribution, dedication, and high results. May their code be clean and a semicolon always in place.  

  • HR Manager’s Day

On September 15, we congratulated our super caring and professional HR team. People management is a calling of the heart, so we wished them inspiration, lots of energy and time to bring all ideas to life, and the best people around!

  • Recruiter’s Day 

On September 20, we were happy to congratulate our proactive Recruitment team. We thanked them once again for searching and finding the brightest IT stars and helping Daxx grow. Wishing them lots of good candidates, accepted job offers, and satisfaction from work!

On IT Professionals Day, we greeted our tech talents with handy eco-boxes. Life in plastic is not fantastic, isn’t it? So, go green with Daxx! 

Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021 - Eco-box
Gifts for Daxx tech talents


  • Dynamics Talks | QA Meetup by Roman Sveshnikov 

On September 16, Roman Sveshnikov, Automation QA Engineer at Grid Dynamics, presented a tech talk “Stubs, Mocks and WireMock.” Previously, Roman was engaged in functional tests on Selenium and implemented Wiremock on the project. During the talk, the audience found out more about stubs, WireMock, and the benefits of its usage, and discovered some tips and tricks along the way. 

  • Dynamics Talks | Data Science Meetup by Petr Novikov 

On September 21, Petr Novikov, a Sr. Data Scientist at Grid Dynamics, conducted a tech talk “Data Science @ Apple Manufacturing.” Petr has been working as a Data Scientist at Apple’s Manufacturing division for almost a year now. During this time, he has architected and developed a self-service software solution that provides significant cost savings when performing control runs during the hardware manufacturing process. Petr talked about this solution and the results that it brought. He also shared what Apple’s expectations are from Data Scientists and what it took him to meet them.

  • Dynamics Talks | Big Data Meetup by Petr Novikov 

Are all code comments equally useful? Spoiler alert – not really. On September 30, Denys Bondarenko, a Big Data Developer at Grid Dynamics, gave a tech talk “Wicked Comments.” He explained that there are useful, meaningless, and even harmful comments. 


  • “Kids and Money” by Anastasiia Luchyk

On September 16, parents from Grid Dynamics and Daxx had a chance to listen to Anastasiia Luchyk, a family psychologist. They discovered how to nurture a child’s relationship with money. Parents are the first people who shape the mentality of their children by showing how to deal with money by their example. So it’s the task of each family to do it right. Thanks to Anastasiia for sharing lots of insights and to the audience for their high involvement!  

  • “How to Watch Movies?” by Daniel Kuznetsov 

There are a lot of avid movie fans among our teammates. On September 24, they could enjoy an online lecture by Daniel Kuznetsov, a director and film critic. They learned how to decipher various codes and metaphors, analyze the plot, and notice the director’s plan. It seems that watching movies will never be the same again. Many thanks to Daniel for such a professional intro to the world of cinema and to everyone who joined! 


  • BeQA Today 

BeQA Today is a social project that teaches people with physical disabilities to test software for free. For several years and counting, Daxx has been its partner and financial sponsor. This year, we sent the organizers several workstations so that more BeQA students could be equipped for study. Wishing patience and good results to the testers-to-be! Read more here

BeQA Today - certificate
Daxx and BeQA Today partnership
  • All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest

We were happy to congratulate the bronze winners of the first stage of AUCPC2021 (All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest), supported by IТ Dnipro Community. Students from Dnipro demonstrated their sharp skills and put them to practice. They received nice gifts from Daxx and Grid Dynamics to encourage their efforts. So well done!

  • Daxxers Visited an Animal Shelter “Kind House” in Kharkiv 

On September 26, Daxxers paid a visit to an animal shelter “Kind House” in Kharkiv. They bought 300 kg of porridge for dogs, 20 kg of special treats for sick dogs, and left funds for feeding cats. Apart from that, they had a chance to walk the dogs and play with cats. Find the details here

Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021 - Kind House
Daxxers at the animal shelter “Kind House”


  • NIX Kharkiv Airport Run 2021

Congratulations to the Grid Dynamics & Daxx running team — a double winner of today’s NIX Kharkiv Airport Run 2021! The 1st place — “The fastest corporate team (5 km)”. The 3rd place — “The biggest corporate team”. Thanks to everyone who participated in the run and to all those who cheered for our runners. You’re our heroes, guys!

  • Work.ua Kyiv Half Marathon 

On September 19, our runners, Michael Korzun, Eugen Fediai, and Artem Poddieniezhnyi, gladly participated in the 11th Work.ua Kyiv Half Marathon despite rainy weather. It was such a cool and refreshing competition. We adore your unbeatable spirit, guys!

  • 5th Almaz Group Dnipro Marathon

On September 26, Daxx runners joined the 5th Almaz Group Dnipro Marathon, which brought together a massive crowd of athletes. Each completed run is a personal win. Daxxers’ pure emotions speak for themselves! So well done, guys! 

Daxx Events Digest – September, 2021 - Daxx runners
Daxx runners at 5th Almaz Group Dnipro Marathon


  • BBQ Party 

On September 4, our teammates from Grid Dynamics and Daxx got together for a barbeque party in Kharkiv. Apart from kebabs and snacks, they were engaged in such activities as kayaking, stand-up paddling, and sailing a catamaran. Thank you to everyone who joined and made it happen!

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