Daxx Halloween 2019

Halloween is the most mysterious day of the year. Let’s discover how Daxxers celebrated Halloween 2019 across all our locations.   

Halloween is all about pumpkins, ghosts, witches, scary costumes, horror movies, tricks, and treats. On this day, all Daxx offices were decorated with the frightening Halloween stuff – lanterns, bats, skulls, pumpkins, and spider’s web. Take a look at how we celebrated Halloween 2019!

Pennywise celebration in Kyiv

Celebration in Kyiv started with tasty and scary sweets. There were several theme candy bars in the office. Also, everyone could participate in contests such as pumpkin carving and the most frightening costume. Daxxers put lots of their time and effort into these activities which resulted in awesome outcomes. Here you could meet a Count Dracula, a witch, a medieval legionnaire, a devourer of souls, a man without a face, and lots of other spooky characters. Two lucky winners got cool presents from Daxx. Great job!

Halloween 2019 - costumes and pumpkins

One of the walls in the office was decorated like a scene from a horror movie “It”. Do you remember Pennywise, don’t you? The image looked so realistic that it immediately turned into the most popular spot for taking photos. Such a memorable Halloween 2019!

Halloween 2019 - Daxx Kyiv

Halloween mafia in Kharkiv  

Daxxers in Kharkiv fully prepared for Halloween celebration. Apart from putting on scary costumes, our colleagues invited a professional make-up artist to the office and got a complete Halloween makeover. Sooo scary!

Halloween 2019 - Daxx Kharkiv

There were lots of treats in the office. And, of course, pumpkins! A lot of our colleagues were engaged in the pumpkin carving contest and, to be perfectly blunt, it was hard to choose the best one. Each of them was unique in its own way.

Halloween 2019 - pumpkin carving contest

Then the entertainment part started. Daxxers were playing Mafia with a professional host. Halloween vibes made the game even more enjoyable, and all players fully plunged into it. Besides this, our colleagues were singing karaoke and enjoyed a tasty barbecue.

“Horror movies” party in Dnipro

How about celebrating Halloween in a cinema watching horror movies? Hmm… it sounds interesting, right? That’s exactly the way Daxxers in Dnipro decided to spend that scary evening. 

The theme of Halloween 2019 was “Horror movies”. Our colleagues were rattling their nerves while watching creepy episodes from some popular scary movies. “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, “The Ring”, “It”, “Split”, “Jaws”, “The Shining”, and “Psycho” – to name a few. Daxxers were eating popcorn and hot dogs just like it usually happens in the cinema. Plus, they tested their knowledge of the most well-known movie characters. And you know what? Daxxers know a lot of them!

Halloween 2019 - Daxx Dnipro

Overall, it was a truly unique, fun, and scary Halloween celebration.

Thank you to our awesome team for active participation and for making it happen!

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