Daxx Healthy Week 2.0 – Pre-winter Recharge

As the weather cools down, taking care of your health goes a long way. With that in mind, we launched Daxx Healthy Week 2.0 that covered lectures and practical lessons on mental and physical health. Find a quick overview below.

On November 16-20, we launched Daxx Healthy Week 2.0. Each day, health experts from different fields — from nutrition to physical therapy — shared their knowledge with Daxxers to help them fully prepare for the winter season.

Yoga training with Olena Kucher.

Daxxers kickstarted their working week with morning yoga. This wonderful routine helped them set a proper mood and boost their productivity for the week ahead. They practiced meditation and a few kinds of asanas to enhance the capacity of their bodies. There was also an evening practice for those teammates who prefer doing yoga after work.

Lecture “The rules of healthy eating in terms of sedentary work and WFH” by Mariia Fedorenko. 

During this lecture, Daxxers discovered how to eat healthy and stay fit while working from home. Mariia dispelled the myth that fruits are good for snacking. In fact, they’re not. Just imagine that there are around 90 calories in one small banana. Having one of them for a snack would be more than enough. Besides, fruits contain a lot of sugar, which is not good in terms of physical inactivity and sedentary work. It’s better to pick vegetables for daily snacks or abandon snacking at all. Plus, it’s important to maintain water balance and stay hydrated.

Daxx Healthy Week 2.0 - Healthy eating plate

Lecture “How to stretch muscles on your own and not hurt yourself” by Vitalii Radchenko.

Sedentary work is quite a challenge for everyone. Vitalii told Daxxers how to stretch muscles at home and what to do with clogged muscles. Myofascial release (MFR) is an alternative medicine therapy aimed to relax contracted muscles and treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain. After the lecture, Vitalii showed useful physical exercises and explained what kind of sports devices would be the best choice for MFR. It was good to know that some of our teammates already have some of the devices at home to keep themselves healthy.

Daxx Healthy Week 2.0 - Vitalii

“Total Body” morning workout with Andrii Sukhetskiy.

Friday was a very active day for Daxxers. Under the coach’s guidance, they did exercises and trained different muscles early in the morning. That routine gave our teammates a substantial boost and helped them stay productive till the end of the day. What a great ending to Daxx Healthy Week 2.0!

Thank you so much to the experts and our teammates who made it happen.

We hope that Daxx Healthy Week 2.0 was beneficial for everyone!

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