Daxx Is Among 500 Leading B2B Service Providers in Poland and Ukraine – Rating by Clutch

We’re proud to share with you that Daxx got featured in the latest rating by Clutch and was named one of the leading B2B service providers in Ukraine. Find all the details below. 

Clutch published its annual report recognizing the top-performing companies in Poland and Ukraine. A variety of industry segments were featured in the report, including marketing, design, development, and IT services.

Overall, 500 companies were evaluated based on the client’s feedback, work quality, services offered, and their market presence, and got listed in the rating by Clutch.

We’re really proud of this recognition and we’re not going to lower the bar. We’re happy to know that our hard work and achievements have been noticed and found a decent place in a reputable rating by Clutch. We’ll keep up doing the best job!

Daxx has been delivering top-quality IT services for our clients from Europe and the USA since 1999. We help them bring their ideas to life and satisfy their tech needs with the best software talents aboard. In synergy, we achieve the best possible results!

“The Polish and Ukrainian companies featured in today’s report not only managed to distinguish themselves from the competition but also proved their ability to deliver high-quality services to a variety of clients around the world,” — said Aaron Morales, Clutch business analyst, regarding the rating by Clutch.

We want to say a special thank you to our highly-talented Daxx team that shows excellent results and passion for work day-to-day. We’re happy to share this achievement with each and every one of you. Great job, guys!

rating by Clutch - 2018

Please check out the full report here.

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