Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest – Let’s Run Together!

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. At Daxx, we believe that sport should be a significant part of a programmer’s life as it allows to recharge the brain and boost energy. With that in mind, we recently organized Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest for our colleagues – with a great prize at stake!

We enjoy running as much as we enjoy summer.

From June 17 to July 7, we were holding the Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest for Daxxers from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro offices. Overall, it lasted 3 weeks and gathered 17 contestants. The main prize – a return plane ticket to Amsterdam and a registration to the TCS Amsterdam Marathon – was worth all the sweat and effort.

Let’s get it started!

So, how did it all begin? Each Daxxer had to track their mileage on Strava while running in the given time. No cheating! All data was carefully collected.

We’re delighted to say that our colleagues showed enormous enthusiasm and dedication during the contest. It proves once again that they aren’t afraid of challenges and relentlessly stick to the long-term goals. We’re certain that this is the key to success, not just in work, but also in life in general.

Just imagine – altogether, Daxxers managed to run 1997,29 km and set the Daxx record. Great job!

Daxx Run to Amsterdam results

Below you can see a table with the Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest final results.

Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest - results

Congrats to Dmytro Zhuzhniev, PHP Developer at Daxx Kharkiv, who became the winner of the race. We’re truly impressed by his mileage of 601,3 km in total. Vadym Kuznetsov, PHP Developer at Daxx Kharkiv, took the 2nd place. Well done! 

Daxx Run to Amsterdam Contest - winners

Many thanks to all Daxx runners. You demonstrated awesome results! Keep running!

Before you go, read more about Dmytro Zhuzhniev– Ironman from Daxx – here.

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