Daxx Summer Parties 2019 – Fun under the Sun!

Summer is probably the best season for outdoor parties. Sunny weather, fresh air, and good mood are key essentials for a great get-together. We decided to get the most out of this summer and organized Daxx summer parties 2019 in all our locations – Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Lviv. It was superb!


In mid-July, Daxx organized a family party in one of the most picturesque spots in Kyiv – Trukhaniv Island. The theme of the party was “Dutch Dream”. No wonder that it was lots of orange color and lively Dutch songs.

Overall, 130 Daxxers enjoyed the holiday. A good deal of them were little Daxxers who were engaged in lots of activities like swimming in the pool and jumping up and down on trampolines with their parents. 

Daxx summer parties 2019 - Kyiv

Aside from this, there were lots of other team-bonding activities. Daxxers were making race cars out of cardboard, foam plastic and tape, and competed in the race afterward. They were playing volleyball and badminton. A bright Daxx logo made out of Daxxers’ palm prints became a сherry on top!

Daxx summer parties 2019 - artwork
Artwork is in progress

Full of so much action, that day slipped away so fast but left a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste. 

Watch Daxx Kyiv summer party in action! 


Do you remember a time when you were a student? Daxxers from Dnipro had a unique chance to get back to those wonderful times while attending “College Party”. It all took place in a local recreation complex. Following the traditions of Daxx summer parties 2019, around fifty of our teammates and their loved ones played songs on a guitar and enjoyed the evening.

While some of Daxxers were swimming in a pool, others were playing frisbee, socks and ping pong. Beer helmets, popcorn-, and pizza-shaped rubber rings added even more authentic vibes to the general college atmosphere. Two teams of the most assertive guys were competing in the tug-of-war. Later, they proceeded with jumping in the bags. It was one of the funniest get-togethers.

Daxx summer parties 2019 - Dnipro

Watch the video from Daxx Dnipro summer party and feel the team spirit! 


Daxx summer parties 2019 are in progress. In Kharkiv, we had a big barbeque-party for our teammates. Overall, 134 Daxxers joined the celebration, and it was something truly remarkable! Boys and girls had lots of swimming activities like rodeo on the water, volleyball in the pool, and a legendary Battleship.

Later, they set their creative spirit free while painting the eco-bags and putting solar-powered blocks together. The weather was just perfect, so they were playing badminton and frisbee, and were competing in archery tag. There were lots of tasty snacks and drinks for everyone! 

Daxx summer parties 2019 - Kharkiv

In the evening, Daxxers enjoyed the performance of a cover band and ended up with energetic dances.

Watch it for yourself! 


Sometimes, a short getaway from hectic city life is a good idea.

A range of Daxx summer parties ended up with a nice picnic in Lviv. Our teammates enjoyed a peaceful day in the heart of nature. They had a chance to try themselves at SUP paddling, and some of them turned out to be very skillful at it. The others – not of that extreme type – enjoyed sailing a boat. The day ended up with a tasty barbeque.

Daxx summer parties 2019 - Lviv

For sure, it was a bright summer season for Daxx. 

Work hard, party even harder! 

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