Daxx Swimmers Are the Bronze Winners at “SPRINT”

Daxx swimmers from Kharkiv won a bronze medal in the swimming championship “SPRINT” among IT companies. Such a wonderful result! We are so proud of our teammates and delighted to tell you more about that victorious day! 

November 16 in Kharkiv was all about the swimming championship “SPRINT”. 27 IT companies contended for the championship at the Olympic educational and sports center “Aquarena”. For sure, Daxx swimmers joined this competition.

Our teammates participated in this race for the first time. They accepted this challenge which made them feel even more energized and excited. They trained twice as hard before the championship and spent a good deal of their leisure time in the pool. Hard work pays off, right? We truly believe so! 

Then the day “X” came… 

The whole atmosphere was friendly and intense at the same time. This championship was a vivid example of team spirit, collaboration, and excellence. 

The captain of Daxx swimming team was Andrii Komarov. He proved himself as a true leader who puts the team first. Oleksii Shakura, Ievgenii Krasnikov, Oleksandr Bilostotskyi, Dmytro Zhuzhniev, Oleksandr Kravchenko, and Vitalii Fomin showed their strength and brought our company a bronze medal in the team ranking. We are so proud of Daxx swimmers! 

Daxx swimmers - medals

But that’s not all, actually…

Daxx conquered second place in the relay race. Our great swimmers Oleksandr Kravchenko and Oleksii Shakura won a bronze medal in the individual competition. Fascinating results!  

In the final ranking, EPAM conquered first place, NIX – second, and Daxx – third. Congrats to all the participants. You all did a great job!  

Daxx swimmers - award ceremony

Our special thank you goes to our awesome Daxx swimmers for their team spirit, enormous dedication, and brilliant work!

Daxx swimmers - recognitions

But there is no time to relax as the next swimming race is coming in April. 

Best of luck, guys! Keep up the spirit! 

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