Daxx WFH Marathon – Let’s Learn and Play!

Self-isolation and quarantine changed our usual way of life. At Daxx, we took a chance to spend this time wisely and make good use of it. On April 1st, we launched Daxx WFH Marathon. No kidding! Each day, we challenged Daxxers with new exciting tasks on learning, improvement, and having fun. And guess what? They readily accepted the challenge!

We run Daxx WFH Marathon on our corporate Instagram account — @daxx_developers. Daxxers featured accomplished tasks in their Instagram Stories. Spoiler alert — they were so creative and fast. See for yourself!

Task 1 — Home office. Daxxers posted photos of their lovely workplaces.

daxx wfh marathon - task 1
Task 1 — Home office

Task 2 — Book lover. It’s just a part of what Daxxers are reading during the quarantine.

daxx wfh marathon - task 2
Task 2 — Book lover

Task 3 — Bon Appetit! Daxxers were making a dish they’ve never cooked before.

daxx wfh marathon - task 3
Task 3 — Bon Appetit!

Task 4 — Yes, I can! Personal WFH achievements unlocked.

daxx wfh marathon - task 4
Task 4 — Yes, I can!

Task 5 — Clean it up. Putting things in order — level pro.

daxx wfh marathon - task 5
Task 5 — Clean it up

Task 6 — Sport time. Staying active at home is the key!

daxx wfh marathon - task 6
Task 6 — Sport time

Task 7 — Keep calm. Daxxers shared with us what helps them stay positive and calm in the #WFH times.

daxx wfh marathon - task 7
Task 7 — Keep calm

Task 8 — Movie time. Daxxers watched documentaries and shared their reviews with us.

daxx wfh marathon - task 8
Task 8 — Movie time

Be sure to follow us on Instagram if you haven’t done it yet. Here you’ll learn more about our Daxx life and stay up-to-date with the following contests.

We want to say a big thank you to our teammates who joined Daxx WFH Marathon and nailed all the tasks. You rock, guys! Congrats to 3 lucky winners — Vladyslav Hetman from Daxx Dnipro, Volodymyr Sakharov and Kateryna Bilkovets from Daxx Kyiv. Special gifts are waiting for you!

Be patient and positive. We’ll go through these challenging times together!

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