Daxxers Paid a Visit to an Animal Shelter “Friend” in Dnipro

On August 28, Daxxers from Dnipro headed to the local animal shelter “Friend”, which gives hope to dogs who fell victims to the previous cruel treatment. Our teammates brought some useful stuff, spent time with pets, and took care of them. Keep reading to learn more. 

An animal shelter “Friend” is on a mission to give a new life to 250 dogs, who have different kinds of physical or psychological traumas. Apart from that, it’s home to 3 goats and 2 donkeys, whose life was doomed to die if they weren’t so lucky to be rescued. Now they live a peaceful life but need some treatment anyway.

It’s no wonder that medications, food, and clean living conditions are those essentials that pets need most. With that in mind, our teammates headed to several vet pharmacies and bought the most critical meds. They also purchased porridge and pasta for dogs and cats. Goats and donkeys got their apples, carrots, and beetroots. In addition to that, Daxxers equipped themselves with brooms and all kinds of cleaning chemicals so that the shelter remains clean.

One of the mottos on the wall of the shelter says that there’s no better psychologist in the world than a puppy licking your face. What’s your opinion on that? If you have some doubts, take a look at the photos below to feel its therapeutic effect, too.

Druh - 1
Druh - 3
Druh - 2
Druh - 4
Druh - 5

Want to help?

If you wish to become a volunteer or provide financial support, please visit a website. Here you will find all the necessary details and instructions on how to do it.

We believe that helping pets at animal shelters is a step forward towards their welfare. Thanks to our teammates for their kind hearts!

Each good deed matters. Learn more about Daxxers’ visit to an animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky” in Vyshneve here.

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