Daxxers Visited an Animal Shelter “Kind House” in Kharkiv

On September 26, Daxxers paid a visit to an animal shelter “Kind House” in Kharkiv and brought treats for local dogs and cats. Keep reading to learn more!

“Kind House” has been operating since 2010. Initially established by Feldman Ecopark, the shelter switched to partial funding over time and now greatly depends on the help of volunteers. Its goal is to save animals from cruel treatment and help injured pets. During these years, 18,000 dogs and cats have found a new home. If you’re looking for a pet too, be sure to follow its Instagram account to find the best furry friend for you.

As of today, “Kind House” is home to 40 dogs and about 30 cats. Though the living territory for them is limited, all pets are being kept in decent conditions. Dogs live in enclosures, while cats have the whole house at their disposal and a closed area where they can walk. The local workers do their best to find a new owner for each cat and dog and appreciate any kind of help. Every weekend, they are calling for people willing to walk the dogs. Euthanasia is not practiced here at all.

Daxxers substantially prepared for their visit to the shelter. They bought 300 kg of porridge for dogs, 20 kg of special treats for sick dogs, and left funds for feeding cats. Apart from that, they had a chance to walk the dogs and play with cats.

Thank you to each and every colleague who decided to provide financial support. Your care for pets didn’t remain unnoticed. Upon the will, everyone can do a good deed, no matter how big or small it is.

Take a look at the “Kind House” inhabitants down below!


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