Daxxers Visited an Animal Shelter “V Dobri Ruky” in Vyshneve

On June 12, Daxxers from Kyiv paid a visit to an animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky”. It’s home to 250 stray dogs and cats, located in the town of Vyshneve in Kyiv region. The local volunteers are doing an incredible amount of work helping them but food and medications are always in high demand. So a group of Daxxers was glad to help. Read the details down below!

Stray animals are one of the most vulnerable members of our society. They deserve to be treated well and need special care. With that in mind, Daxxers from Kyiv got in touch with an animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky” and discussed what kind of goods are the most needed.

Our teammates brought 84 kg of food for dogs, medications, and toys for cats with them. Apart from that, Daxxers spent time with shelter inhabitants to help them socialize. Pets, especially dogs, missed interaction with people. However, some of the dogs were traumatized as a result of the previous poor treating. A shelter worker gave clear guidance on how to interact with them. After that, each Daxxer picked a dog and walked them on the territory of the shelter. They treated them carefully, according to the instructions given.

A positive experience of interaction with people is extremely important for shelter inhabitants. They need to let go of their gloomy past and learn to trust people again. It will give them more chances to get adopted in the future.

A huge thank you to all volunteers for all the hard and enormous work that they do. Kudos to our teammates for their contribution and active support.

Daxxers at animal shelter - 2
Daxxers at animal shelter - 6
Daxxers at animal shelter - 5

If you’re thinking of how to help an animal shelter in your city, here are some ideas:

  • provide financial support
  • become a volunteer
  • help with food, medication, goods for animals
  • help with services (transportation, raising awareness, animal care)
  • adopt a dog / a cat
  • become a curator for a dog / a cat

Animal shelter “V Dobri Ruky” is constantly seeking help. If you’d like to donate or help in any other way, please click here.

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

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