#GirlsSTEM Visited Daxx Office

Last week Daxx took part in project #GirlsSTEM and invited to the office girls from 7-9th grades.

STEM – S – science, T – technology, E – engineering, M – mathematics – the fields, that are considered mostly for men, and where noticeably fewer women are working. That is why #GirlsSTEM community is aiming to unite girls and women who work, study, and interested in the STEM industries, inspire and encourage them to not be afraid of these spheres and assure that if they want – they can be amazing specialists in STEM.

The girls attended the excursion around our office and got to know how the company is working, which departments do we have and what specialists are needed for the sphere.
Our speakers Olga Kulykova, Anastasiia Povzyk, and Anastasia Studenyak shared their own success stories and inspired the girls to study STEM fields.

The topics discussed were: “Will I be able to become a developer? Where to start?”, “How did I become an IT-girl and a little about “fashion” 2019 in IT”, “Small home projects and how IT can be fun”.

The discovery for us was that some girls told, that they are already started to learn some coding and are trying to write simple programmes. A lot of questions were asked about where to start learning, which language to start from and what school subjects to put into priority now.

We hope that such events will inspire more girls to learn programming and work in the IT sphere.

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