Holland Becomes the Netherlands

The Netherlands or Holland – which name is correct? If you’ve been puzzled with this question for a long time, you can leave all your doubts behind. The answer is finally revealed, and we are ready to share it with you.

As you know, Daxx is a leading Dutch IT company that helps clients from all over the globe hire talented remote developers. As we remember our roots, we pay attention to major news regarding the country of our origin. So here is the latest one.

As of today, the Dutch government has officially decided to abandon the name of Holland in favor of the Netherlands. So battles around its name should be over once and for all.

What was the reason for this decision? Let’s consider in detail where this stemmed from.

Actually, it’s part of the national rebranding strategy. It aims to update the country’s brand image on the global landscape. However, it won’t come into effect immediately and will be rolled out later this year. 

So, what does a new positioning look like? From now on, the Netherlands will be represented as a country that is co-creating pioneering solutions to global challenges. It will show that the country is adaptable to the ever-changing environment and promptly reacts to any turmoil. Orange will remain its official color like it used to be before.

If you want to have a clear understanding of this decision, it would be better to ask its leaders. “We want to present the Netherlands as an open, inventive and inclusive country. We’ve modernized our approach,” – explained a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Buildings in the Netherlands

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