How to Eat Healthy During the Quarantine? – Lecture by Anastasiia Nechyporenko (Bun)

How to eat healthy during the quarantine and turn it into a habit? Anastasiia Nechyporenko (Bun), a certified nutrition specialist, shared her knowledge with Daxxers during the recent online lecture. Find the takeaways down below.

Anastasiia Nechyporenko (Bun)
Anastasiia Nechyporenko (Bun)

Anastasiia started her workshop with a firm belief that healthy eating and physical activity lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Our body is very smart by its nature. It can renew itself, and our task is to help it to do it. To succeed with this task, we need to stick to the following 3 principles.


Nutrition is only one of the elements of the system. Other ones are sleep, physical activity, and stress relief. They are equally important. Now that we are at home being quarantined, we can keep each element under control. Yes, going to the gym is not possible at the moment but the Internet is full of different kinds of online workouts. Just spend some time and pick the one you like most.


How to eat healthy to feel healthy? Every meal is a choice: you want to keep yourself healthy vs. you want to feed your diseases. What choice would you make? The answer is always yours.

Fundamentals of healthy nutrition:

  • Regular meals
  • Moderate meals
  • Diverse meals
  • Hydration

What kind of food is healthy?

Put simply, healthy food is as natural as possible. These are vegetables, fruits, cereals, healthy proteins and fats, whole grain bread. Sometimes you can afford a cheat meal, too. It will give an additional boost to your digestive system. Start your morning with breakfast. Don’t skip it. Stick to the 80/20 principle in your meals. Please see the image below.

how to eat healthy - 80/20
80/20 principle

Don’t forget to enrich your meals with vitamins. There’s no magic pill (or vitamin in this case). To function properly, our bodies need the whole set of nutrients: A, B, C, D, E, K.

Why is water essential for life?

Your body is 70% water. Of course, you’ve heard about it many times. The thing is, you need to start drinking a sufficient amount of water. Finally.

  • Drink a glass of water in the morning (it can be warm water with lemon).
  • Water demand should be based on the ratio: 30 ml / 1 kg of weight. It’s 6-8 glasses per day for an adult person on average. But the exact amount depends on gender, age, physical activity, climate, etc.
  • Drink water regularly. Don’t try to meet the demand in one try.
  • Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait.
  • Keep a bottle of water on the table (in the office). If at home — just go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water each time you feel thirsty.
how to eat healthy - hydration
How to drink water?


Sleep is a beauty pill available for free. If you have poor sleep, you won’t be able to function normally during the next day. Without sleep, all the systems in your body suffer. The less you sleep, the more you eat. You can’t distinguish when you are truly hungry and when you’re not. Sleep in total darkness so that melanin could be produced. Let some air into your room or humidify it if needed.


It is the second fundamental principle you need to stick to. You need to master the art of planning your meals. Now when you know how to eat healthy, the second step is to create a regime. This also relates to physical activity.

Physical activity

If you want to feel awaken in the morning, yoga could be of great help for you. While working, keep your back straight and take short breaks to relax your muscles. Avoid doing too active training in the evening as it can negatively affect sleep.


Stress relief

Stress relief also begins with nutrition and eating healthy proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Practice such emotions as optimism, gratitude, and being thankful for small mercies. Adopt some pleasant rituals into your life. Take a shower using candles in the bathroom. Feel the water drops on your body. Be in the moment, practice mindfulness, meditate.

Learning how to eat healthy will help you keep your body healthy. By no means, it should not be a short-term diet. It should become a lifestyle and a new normality for you.

We are immensely grateful to Anastasiia for sharing such an inspiring and insightful lecture. Now it’s time to bring these healthy habits to life.

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