HR in IT – Interview with Anastasiia Marynych

What is it like to work in Human Resources in IT? We had a talk with Anastasiia Marynych – our talented HR/Account Manager. She shared with us what drives her most at work and why she avoids using the word ‘challenges’. 

Meet Anastasiia! She’s our dedicated HR/Account Manager working at Kyiv office. She’s very passionate about her job and happy to share her expertise with university students and their teachers. Find more details about her career story below. 


1. Why did you choose a career in HR?

I didn’t consider it so seriously from the very beginning. When I enrolled in the Human Resources faculty, I barely knew anything about this area. But during my studies, the whole picture about HR specialists became clear to me: their functions, work responsibilities, and mission within the company.

My first job made me finally realize that I made the right choice. That was a turning point when I decided to grow in this field. I always felt confident about managing systems – taking care of getting things done, following certain trajectories of movement, keeping everything under control, etc. A lot of people believe that HR is about managing people. I don’t agree with this. HR is also about managing systems – the processes of onboarding, adaptation, motivation, and training. When I figured out that it gives me fulfillment and it’s what I really like, I realized that I want to learn more and put my knowledge to practice in HR.

2. What inspires you most at work? 

People, of course. As they say, love and hate are just one step apart. Here it’s pretty much the same. When you work with human resources, people can inspire and motivate you, and they can demotivate you as well. But in general, I learn from people every single day and it makes me extremely happy. 

3. What challenges do you face at work? 

I prefer not to use the word ‘challenges’ both in work and in daily life. I call it ‘tasks’ instead. There are no challenges, there are tasks you need to solve.

4. You are a guest lecturer at universities. Is it your personal will? Tell us more about it. 

Yes, I give lectures for senior students and teachers. It’s been a few years since we have HR University at my alma mater, in which former graduates – who now work as HR Specialists in different business sectors – share real cases from their practice. It’s very cool! I wish we had this university when I was a student myself. I feel honored to be one of the key guest lecturers here. The thing is, the IT domain always stood out by its advanced technologies and work style. Students are very curious to look at the IT world through the manager’s eyes.

Besides HR University, I give lectures on employee development and carry out 72-hour workshops at MBA school. My plans for the future is to grow to the level of global conferences, meetups and networking events. I’m at the beginning of the road.  

Anastasiia Marynych is giving a lecture

5. What makes Daxx a great company to work for? 

First of all, it’s a positive work environment. People are open and friendly. It’s quite a rare thing today. Daxx gives you a sense of family and belonging. It’s a place that feels like home. The main indicator for me is that my colleagues have been working in the company for many years, and they are happy. This certainly means that people feel valued and important for the company. It’s important for me as a specialist, too.

6. What are your TOP 5 books for HR Specialists? 

  • WHO. Solve your #1 problem by Jeff Smart and Randy Street. It’s an awesome book on how to hire A-players, and it’s relevant to the IT sector.
  • 45 Manager’s Tattoos by Maxim Batyrev. I find it very useful. Firstly, the author (originally, he is from Russia) is a manager with extensive experience in the market that could apply to many post-Soviet countries. Secondly, the mentality described in this book is close to us. Let’s face it – American or Japanese management style is different and feels alien to our market. Thirdly, there are lots of real cases in here. Superb! 
  • HR Quest: How to Make the Employees the Brand Advocates by Mikhail Voronin and Natalia Tikhonova. It’s a business novel telling a story of an ordinary office worker. It contains insights on employer branding, building a team, effective delivering information, and employee interaction. This book is useful and easy to read. 
  • Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead by Laszlo Bock. It’s an incredible book offering lots of bright ideas and tried-and-tested solutions in management. Google is a role model when it comes to employer branding. There’s a lot to learn from it. 
  • HR without a Budget by Yevheniy Bondarenko. This training book is jam-packed with practical tools to apply at work. I open it each time I look for inspiration. 

Anastasiia, we admire your talent, energy, and willingness to share your knowledge with others. Best wishes for your further career achievements!

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