IT Arena 2020 – Feedback by Artem Poddieniezhnyi

IT Arena is the major tech event in Eastern Europe. In 2020, it took place online, streaming from Lviv on October 8-10. At Daxx, we gave away two free tickets to the conference. Our teammate Artem Poddieniezhnyi, QA Engineer at Daxx Kyiv, was one of the lucky winners. He joined the event and kindly shared his feedback with us.

IT Arena - Feedback by Artem Poddieniezhnyi
Artem Poddieniezhnyi

1. Have you attended the IT Arena conference before? What about the online format? 

No, I hadn’t attended this event before, so the format and organization truly caught my interest. Obviously, the first thing I’d like to point out is the online format. The conference had both the web version and the mobile application available. It was a pleasant surprise for me. It made the whole process of watching the speeches and chatting with the speakers way easier. From time to time, there were some debates in the chats. 

2. What kind of speeches were the most interesting for you? 

In general, I’d like to highlight the multi-disciplinary character of the conference. It’s not the right place to go if you wish to explore a narrow topic or a specific subject. However, there were powerful and in-depth speeches of course. Overall, there were four conference tracks: Startup, Business, Product, and Technology. My goal was to broaden my expertise in other IT areas apart from my specialization. I watched speeches from all the tracks with a different frequency. The founders of the leading IT companies shared their experience and talked about how they launched their businesses and managed to succeed. It was a brand new content for me. The panel discussion with Oleksandr Kosovan, a founder of the Ukrainian IT company, was the most memorable. The speaker was very open and sincere with the audience. 

3. Your comments, insights, or suggestions regarding the event?

The online format made it possible to be present at the conference without any effort and quickly switch between the tracks. However, the streaming happened without timeline recording so if either sound or picture failed, there simply wasn’t an option to rewind the video. So, I’d recommend the organizers to adopt the best practices of online YouTube streaming. 🙂 

4. What online course for technical specialists would you recommend? 

To be perfectly blunt, I’m a big fan of online education. I’ve completed a bunch of online courses so far, and firmly believe that the best way to learn something new is to take a good course. My choice is JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts by Andrei Neagoie. The author takes a deep dive into the details of the language and explains how js works “under the hood”. It’s comprehensive, reasonable, and packed with good examples. 

A big thank you to Artem for sharing his feedback on IT Arena with us!

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