Kharkiv C/C++ Meetup – Recordings

On November 17th, Daxx conducted Kharkiv C/C++ Meetup.

On that day, we gathered more than 50 C/C++ professionals in one space to discuss relevant topics, swap ideas, and boost collaboration in the community. We believe that sharing knowledge with others is an invaluable thing that inspires growth and drives innovation. 

Andriy Syrovenko and Anton Komandyr did a great job and prepared insightful presentations for listeners. Here they are: 

    • Applied Reverse Engineering by Andriy Syrovenko
    • Multithreading with C++11 by Anton Komandyr

Speakers and the audience dived deep into the subject of C/C++, clarified some vague ideas during the Q&A session, and discussed pitfalls. Andriy and Anton shared their extensive expertise and offered lots of hands-on tips. 

C/C++ veterans, enthusiasts, and fans have a great time exploring their favorite topic. As they say, the best way to learn is to learn from the best. The meeting was proof of it. 

If you didn’t make it to Kharkiv C/C++ Meetup, no worries. You can check the videos of the speeches below. You can also refresh your knowledge if you attended the meetup offline. Enjoy the watching! 

We also prepared a bunch of photos so that you can feel the atmosphere of the event. Go to Daxx Facebook page and see all the snapshots here. Be sure to tag yourself and your friends if you spot them on the photos. Leave the comment to share your feedback or give any suggestions on improvement. We’d love to hear from you!

All in all, let’s grow the network of C/C++ professionals to make our future meetups even more engaging and interactive. 

Thanks to all bright minds who joined Kharkiv C/C++ Meetup. We truly enjoyed your active participation and interesting discussions. Kharkiv is well-known by its large number of skilled tech specialists. We were happy to have a part of them at our event. 

Last but not least, we are sincerely thankful to our speakers for taking their time, careful preparation, and excellent speeches. 

Stay tuned and don’t miss our next meetups!

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