Kid’s Day 2019 at Daxx

Daxx is a big family. We’re always happy to share with our colleagues – and their dearest ones – the pleasant moments and make their days even more joyful. On Kid’s Day 2019, we organized celebrations for children of our colleagues across our offices and enjoyed spending the day in a warm circle. Let’s have a look behind the curtains and see what was happening that day! 

Kid’s Day 2019 at Daxx was a great occasion for little ones to enjoy a summer day and plunge into the exciting world of magicians, fairy-tales, and various kinds of entertainment. 

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - children

Here at Daxx, we prepared a bunch of activities for little Daxxers to celebrate this wonderful holiday. These were funny quests for the little and the older ones, a soap bubble show, the Great Silver Show – just to name a few. Upon their will, kids got their faces painted with the water make-up. Also, they set their imagination free while getting their hands in the squeezable kinetic sand. So much fun! 

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - entertainment

It’s obvious that children have a lot of energy and can barely sit still even for a while. With that in mind, we decided to surprise them with a few trampolines. Kids were blessed while jumping high on them! Plus, we invited animators to look after children and encourage everyone to get involved in celebrations. 

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - having fun

Also, we decided to tell kids about the importance of being friendly to the environment. So, we invited a children’s writer who told them a story on recycling. It was a very basic yet interesting eco-fairytale. Children got amused by what they’ve heard. 

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - writer

Needless to say, we treated kids with lots of fruit and sweets. A big tasty cake became a cherry on top! Mmm… yummy! 

Kid's Day 2019 at Daxx - cake

Overall, the biggest reward for us was seeing those happy children’s smiles. It’s the best proof that Kid’s Day 2019 at Daxx was a big success!

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