King’s Day 2021 at Daxx

Koningsdag or King’s Day is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As a company of Dutch origin, Daxx used to celebrate this big holiday loudly and proudly. On April 27, we celebrated King’s Day 2021 indoors, but no worries! We’ve prepared a program packed with insightful activities. 

Dutch cuisine culinary master class by Maksym Yuriev

King's Day 2021 - master class

Cuisine is one of the integral parts of any culture that preserves its traditions and customs.

On King’s Day 2021, Daxxers learned how to cook traditional Dutch dishes: hutspot and croquettes.
Maksym Yuriev, a Brand Chef at Zori Restaurant, held a culinary master class for them. Our teammates cooked live under his professional guidance.

Hutspot is a colorful dish made with mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions added to the meat. Its origin dates back to the 16th century.

Croquettes are small fried balls of beef ragout. They’re are known as one of the favorite snacks in the Netherlands.

As a result of the master class, our teammates have prepared a very Dutch-inspired dinner was. Bon appetit!

Intellectual quiz “How well do you know the Netherlands?”

King's Day 2021 - quiz

Also, our teammates participated in the intellectual online quiz. They tested their knowledge of some interesting facts about the kingdom. For example, the Netherlands literally means ‘lower countries’. The guilder was its official currency before it was replaced by the euro. At the end of the quiz, we’ve got 5 winners who gave the biggest number of correct answers. Each of them has received a pleasant gift from Daxx. Congratulations, guys!

1) Liubov Vasianovych  a tasty Dutch set (2 types of cheese, Genever gin, 2 jams, and waffles)
2) Maksym Kurinnoi  Dutch mill (3D puzzle), Genever gin, and waffles
3) Kate Hlynska  Amsterdam night-light, waffles, and cookies
4) Jean Lakosnyk  paint-by-numbers picture, waffle, and cookies
5) Andrii Mandruk  Dutch mill (3D puzzle) 3D puzzle, beer set of 3 bottles, and waffles.

Cycling race for sporty and active Daxxers

King's Day 2021 - cycling

A lot of Daxxers are true sports fans. Cycling is one of their passions. No wonder that we’ve decided to organize a cycling race for them. We’ve got a few nominations to win:

1) The longest distance from ONE cycling road
2) The fastest cycling for a distance of 5 km
3) The fastest cycling for a distance of 10 km
4) The fastest cycling for a distance of 21 km
5) The most creative cycling.

Our teammates have downloaded a “Strava” app. During cycling, they tracked their speed and distance using this app. The activity is still in progress but we already see great results!

Kudos to all Daxxers who participated in Daxx online activities in honor of King’s Day 2021. You guys made this celebration happen!

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