Kyiv Office Overview

An office is a place, where we spend a considerable amount of time almost every day, so it’s important that this environment is comfortable and inspiring for work. We’ll walk you through our Kyiv office and show a bit of our internal life here, check it out!

Kyiv office Daxx is 1840 square meters of working space. There are no open spaces, the office is divided into rooms – one for each project team. There are large, medium and small rooms for teams of different sizes. In the office, there are 8 meeting rooms equipped with everything necessary for video communication with clients.

The working day usually begins at 9:00 – 10:00 and lasts until 18:00 – 19:00, but it all depends on the schedule of communications with customers.

The amount of square meters per person in the working area is 11.95 m2.

Kyiv office

On each floor of the office, there are coffee-points for a quick snack and kitchens, and on the 7th – a large space with areas for rest and a full dinner. Kitchens are equipped with all necessary household appliances – from a refrigerator and microwave ovens to an electric kettle and a dishwasher.

Also, on the 7th floor, we have an event zone, where we usually hang out, hold our celebrations and meetups or gatherings.

To switch from work tasks in the office, there are separate equipped rooms with a tennis table, table football, and a massage chair. Also, there’s a PlayStation and VR glasses, to rest a bit and have a break or play after work.

The office is located in the Forum Kinetic business center at Kurenivsky lane, 12A and occupies 3, 6 and 7 floors. Also, part of the teams is located in the building B of the same business center, occupying 1 more floor there.
The office is located between three metro stations: 1.8 km to the “Pochaina” station, 2.1 km to the “Obolon” station and 2.6 km to the “Dorogozhichi” station. You can get to the metro either by public transport or by organized delivery for Daxx employees.

On the territory of the business center, there is a mini-market and several cafes.
There is also Kurenivsky Park across the road, where you can walk at lunchtime, as well as the Freedom Concert Hall. Not far from the office there is Sport Life and Sport&Spa Club. Nearby there is also a dry-cleaner, a gas station, a branch of Raiffeisen Bank Aval, and in the building of the business center, there is a PrivatBank terminal and an UkrSibbank ATM.

Near the building, there is separate open parking for cars with a total area of ​​120 m2. The cost of parking a month – $ 96 (calculated in the hryvnia equivalent). The company compensates for 50% of the cost. For cyclists in the backyard of the business center, there is an open cycle parking and
there is a shower in the office.

We keep improving our environment constantly, as our people are our biggest asset, so we care about the comfort and wellness of our teams. Visit our office and check it out yourself:)

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