Lecture: “PWA as a replacement for desktop and mobile applications”

Everything tends to simplify, Web wins, and in the coming years, the replacement of mobile and desktop applications on PWA is coming. Are you ready for this?

PWA – Progressive Web Applications which created using certain technologies to achieve specified targets.

At the lecture “PWA as a replacement for desktop and mobile applications,” we will:

🚀 understand what is PWA, what are their capabilities and benefits;

🚀 step by step analyze, how to create desktop and mobile PWA from a regular website, which is written on the first or the latest version of Angular or on Vue.js or one-page on jQuery;

🚀understand how to put it in Google Play and the App Store and make it available for installation on your desktop;

🚀 learn the approach, what steps we need to go through, what needs to be laid in the application architecture during development;

🚀find out why the future is in Progressive web applications, where the trend is going, why Google is actively developing them, what is the difference in comparison with native applications.


Lecture program:

🔹PWA what and why it was invented;

🔹 PWA capabilities;

🔹mandatory steps to create a PWA;

🔹PWA in React, Vuejs, Angular;

🔹PWA as the future of mobile development;

🔹step by step analysis of how to lay out the PWA application in Google Play, App Store, Windows store and how the scope of influence of the Front-end developer increases.

👦 Speaker:

Vladislav Omelchenko — Front-end developer in CodeIT. Core technology stack — Vuejs, Angular, PWA. Made more than 50 successful projects.More than a year and a half has been learning programming from scratch. A sign with all the stages of creating complex high-load scalable web applications. He monitors and applies the latest trends in seo promotion, knows what percentage depends on seo on the technical part of the site.

For whom:

💡Front-end developers with experience 0-3 years;

💡Developers of other specialties who are interested in expanding their horizons;

💡Newbies in programming;

💡Students of computer science faculties;

💡Developers up to and including middle.


🏢 Date and venue:

June 5 (Wednesday) at 19:00

Molotok Space (Freedom square, 7).


💰 Cost of participation – 250 UAH


‼ Registration is required – https://tinyurl.com/y6zn85lw

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