Motorbike Racing Is in My DNA – Interview with Ryna Starcheus

Motorbike racing is a passion for those who love living life at high speed. Ryna Starcheus is a Product Owner and Head of Design at Daxx Kyiv and a zealous motorbike racer in her heart. Want to learn more about her extreme hobby? Below, Ryna talks about it in detail.

How did you get into motorbike racing? 

I fell in love with a motorcyclist, the rest is history 🙂 

Then, a friend of mine presented me with a gift — a motorbike riding suit. I began to train in winter at Blockbuster on a children’s (!) pit bike, and almost immediately I started dreaming of real races and big motorbikes. Everyone discouraged me: you’re too old for motorbike racing, nothing will work out, it’s too pricey, you have kids all in all… 

But I’m stubborn, you know. Step by step, I got into serious races. I met the best coach ever, bought a sports motorbike, went to the training camp in Spain (it was a Motogp-level track!), and did my first championship. 

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What goal do you pursue? 

I want to live the life of a racer. To catch the sunrise on track, train with racers like me, work on technique looking for seconds, fine-tune a motorbike, and smell like gasoline.

I strive to raise awareness regarding motorbike racing in Ukraine and promote the Sbk Ua championship, and improve the quality of such events accordingly. I dream about developing a training system for untalented pilots. For all those who have decided to sell a motorbike after the first injury or the first season, firmly convinced they can’t make it and no one can explain how to do it. 

And, of course, I want to win the Ukrainian championship. Sooner or later, one way or another. 

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How much does it cost to participate in motorbike racing?

I often say, “I work hard so that my bikes can have a better life.” I make money for that by myself, so I often have to decide whether to buy new tires or a few training sessions.

As to prices, participation in the championship costs UAH 2,000 / a relay + support of mechanics and the team (up to UAH 2,000) + tires (€ 300-400 / set) + motorbike tech inspection before the racing (it depends). 

A motorbike costs from € 3,000 (without documents) to € 16,000. My old Honda CBR600 was $ 5,000. 

The training cost depends on the season and conditions. Individual ones on a special section or karting are about UAH 1,500 / each, track days on a large track will cost from UAH 800 to UAH 2,500. It’s good to have at least 2 training sessions in a week, plus training camps and team trips. 

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What about sponsors?

I don’t have any. I still don’t understand how to find them, or, most importantly, why I need them. 

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How do you get along with competitors? 

I’m pretty new to the racing community, so I don’t know the other girls very well. 

They look quite pretentious at first glance, and it seems difficult to make friends with them. In real life, they are ordinary boys and girls who gladly share their stories and make cool jokes. 

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And what about the coach?

My coach is a blessing! Sasha Bober has been coaching me for two years so far, and he’s got unlimited patience. I have no talent and feeling for a motorbike, and he has to explain everything to me through my head, understanding, and endless theory. 

At the same time, Sasha teaches a perfect posture and his athletes look the most beautiful on track 🙂

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Are you technically good with your motorbike?

This winter, I tried to understand the physics and mechanics of a motorbike, but it’s quite difficult without a technical background. 

I believe that it’s not enough for a racer to ride fast. They have to understand the structure of the main components of a motorbike to be able to fine-tune it. 

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What are you doing besides racing? Who is supporting you?

I design digital products and interfaces, and I love my job. Plus, it allows me to do my favorite races 🙂

I’m into physical sports, too. I do CrossFit and used to do triathlons, powerlifting, and even Zumba.

My kids are my biggest support (they’re also racers but in motocross) and friends. They accompany me in the races, help me get into the right mood, celebrate my small victories with me, and help me learn from defeats. 

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But you have kids, how do you manage all this?

Motorbike racing is a passion for our whole family. My children — Kira (12) and Gosha (8) — have been riding motocross so far, but they are preparing for the circle. We have agreed that for the first 3 years they will have been riding on soil and then we’ll see.

Motocross is great for basic training and preparation. It also gives a chance to fall as much as possible, without any significant harm. To make money for training, a lot of girls have to rent out their motorbikes.

If you’d like to try Enduro — join the kids at Motobuzzz.

I’m thrilled to see all the helmets and equipment scattered around the house. We watch the races together. They know all the racers in MotoGP. 

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What is the most significant change that motorcycling has brought to your life?

I realized that nothing is impossible. If I’ve managed to make money for a motorbike, deal with broken arms, and overcome fear after falls — I can do anything! 

What would you wish for a person who wants to do motorbike racing?

Grab a chance, close your eyes, and try. It’s always scary at the beginning, and even if it seems like it’s not your thing — if you want it with all your heart, nothing will stop you. Be brave! 

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This article originally appeared in Russian here.  

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