.NET [email protected] in Dnipro – Recordings

Did you miss our first meetup .NET [email protected] in Dnipro on October 22? If so, don’t worry. Sit back and enjoy the recordings you can find below. If you attended the workshop, you can also go back and review what it was all about. 

Recently, we held .NET [email protected] in Dnipro for the first time. A lot of tech people curious about .NET and C# gathered that day to dive deep into the subject.

Our colleagues – Mykhailo Salo and Yaroslav Kirilishen – were speakers at the meetup and gladly shared their expertise and hands-on tips.

Let’s watch the recordings of their presentations right now!

Full Stack Developer at Daxx

Topic: “Test-Driven Development for Those Who Don’t Need It”

A short summary 

During .NET [email protected] in Dnipro, Mykhailo explained the idea of test-driven development and showed the way you can take advantage of it. Also, he told more about BDD as the next level of your designing, refactoring, and documenting skills. Attendees were greatly interested in the topic and were excited to learn more.

Senior .NET Developer, Team Lead at Daxx

Topic: “C# Immutability: Best Practices and Known Issues” 

A short summary 

Yaroslav discussed in detail what immutability in C# is and why you need to be familiar with it. He took a closer look at typical immutability patterns and best practices existing today. Plus, he paid attention to modern immutable collections in C#. In conclusion, he answered all the questions during the Q&A session.

Many thanks to Mykhailo and Yaroslav for conducting this insightful workshop. Special thank you to the IT School Hillel for hosting the event. We were more than happy to see all the attendees!

Here you can see photos from the event.

We host many more meetups at Daxx. Learn more about the workshop on feedback we held in our Kyiv office here.

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