.NET [email protected] in Dnipro – Agenda

On October 22, we are happy to invite tech students and Junior Developers to our first meetup .NET [email protected] in Dnipro. You’ll explore .NET technology and more. 

Are you into .NET technology and would like to gain new knowledge about it? If so, you have a great chance to learn more from practicing speakers, ask your questions and take advantage of networking with like-minded techies. Join us at .NET [email protected] in Dnipro!

You will listen to the presentations of our teammates: Mykhailo Salo and Yaroslav Kirilishen. They prepared exciting presentations with lots of handy tips. As they say, the best way to learn is to learn from the best!

1. Mykhailo Salo, a Full Stack Developer at Daxx, will give a talk on ‘Test-Driven Development for Those Who Don’t Need It.’

Mykhailo will cover the following topics:

  • What is Test-Driven Development?
  • Why you don’t need it;
  • Why would you want it;
  • BDD as the next level of your designing, refactoring and documenting skills.

2. Yaroslav Kirilishen, a Senior .NET Developer, Team Lead at Daxx, will conduct a presentation on the topic: “C# Immutability: Best Practices and Known Issues.’ Yaroslav has extensive experience in programming and team management. .NET is his great passion, and he’ll gladly share his expertise with you.

During his talk, you will learn more about: 

  • Why do we need to be familiar with immutability in C#?
  • Typical immutability patterns and best practices;
  • Modern immutable collections in C#.


“Hillel” Computer School (Pavla Nirinberha St., 10, 1st floor)



Participation is free, but registration is required. Please hurry up until seats are still available.

Join us at .NET [email protected] in Dnipro!

You’ll not only gain new knowledge but also grow your network of connections. It will be fun, insightful, and useful. Don’t miss out!

Also, you can read an article on how Yaroslav Kirilishen and other Daxxers supported Join IT. Check it out here.

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