.NET [email protected] in Dnipro

On October 22, we are happy to invite tech students and Junior Developers to our first meetup .NET [email protected] in Dnipro.

Are you into .NET technology and would like to gain new knowledge about it? If so, you have a great chance to learn more from practicing speakers, ask your questions and take advantage of networking with like-minded techies. Join us at .NET [email protected] in Dnipro!

You will listen to the presentations of two speakers. 

1. Mykhailo Salo, a Full Stack Developer at Daxx, will give a talk on ‘Test-Driven Development for Those Who Don’t Need It.’

Mykhailo will cover the following topics:

? What is Test-Driven Development?

? Why you don’t need it;

? Why would you want it;

? BDD as the next level of your designing, refactoring and documenting skills.

2. Yaroslav Kirilishen, a Senior .NET Developer, Team Lead at Daxx, will conduct a presentation on the topic: “C# Immutability: Best Practices and Known Issues.’

During his talk, you will learn more about: 

? Why do we need to be familiar with immutability in C#?

? Typical immutability patterns and best practices;

? Modern immutable collections in C#.


Computer School “Hillel” (Pavla Nirinberha St., 10, 1st floor)



Participation is free, but registration is required: http://bit.ly/2MrFl6c

Join us! 

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